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   Draynor Village Runescape City Guide
Written By: pendragon4

Corrections/Additions: me4eva

City Type: Free

Draynor Village Runescape City Guide:
Draynor Village Guide

  1. Vampire Slayer
    This is the starting location for the Vampire Slayer Quest. You need to talk to Morgan to begin it.

    Also, if you ever need garlic for any reason, just follow the stairs up to the second floor. Once there, you will see a cupboard. Open it up and search it, you will then have some garlic.

    NOTE: You will need the garlic for the Vampire Slayer quest.

  2. Ned
    This is the house that you will find Ned in. You need him to be the captain of your ship during the dragon slayer quest. He is also needed to make a wig during the Prince Ali Rescue quest. Even if you aren't on a quest, you can always go to him to buy some rope. You can either give Ned 15 gp or 4 balls of wool for his rope.

  3. Aggie the Witch
    In this house you will find Aggie. Talk to her and she will tell you that she can make dyes. If you want to buy some dyes, here is what you will need:

    Red Dye - 3 Redberries and 5 coins.
    Yellow Dye - 2 Onions and 5 coins.
    Blue Dye - 2 Woad leaves and 5 coins.

    NOTE: Try experimenting by mixing some of the dyes together and see what new colors you can make.

  4. Market/Diango
    This little area is the market. Talk to Diango to find out what you can buy. Here is a picture of his store:

    Each toy horse costs 150 gp each. Also, if you lost your yo - yo that you got from Santa Christmas 2005 or your Rubber Chicken from Easter 2005, you can get another one by talking to Diango.

  5. Fishing Spots/Willows
    Here we have 2 fishing spots. You can either net or bait these fishing spots. Meaning, you need a fishing rod and bait or a small net.

    We also have some willow trees right near the fishing spots if anyone wants to cook their food on the logs or just simply raise your woodcutting and firemaking levels.

  6. Wheat Fields
    These are the wheat fields. You can pick wheat here and take it to a near by mill to turn it into flour. You need flour for many cooking recipes such as bread.

  7. Jail
    This is the jail. It makes a great place for training if you feel like training on the Jail Guards. Also, Prince Ali is inside the cell and you need to rescue him from it in the Prince Ali Rescue quest.

    Just a note, the women in the white pink skirt and purple shirt is "Lady Keli". She is another person in the Prince Ali Rescue quest.

  8. r
  9. Dranyor Manor
    This is draynor manor, but im at the bottom by the vampire, but it looks like someone has already killed it. Draynor manor is used for 3 quests: Ernest the Chicken, Vampire Slayer, and The Holy Grail. Items located inside draynor manor:
    1. 2 Bronze Medium Helmets
    2. 1 Spade

    3. 1 Bucket

    4. 1 Shears

    5. 1 Rubber Tube

    6. 1 Oil Can

    7. Outside in the fountian: 1 Pressure Gauge

      Note: When you go in draynor manor, you wont be able to come out through the front, you'll have to use the door out the back where the spade is.

  10. Seed Stalls
    This is were members can go to steal seeds. There are 2 farmers, and 2 seed stalls. Seed stalls aren't very good for training your thieving on because the only give about 10 exp. per seed. If you get caught stealing from a stall there are 2-3 gaurds that might see you, or the the seed seller can also catch you.

  11. Old Man
    This is were the Old Man is; he buys your non-member quest items, and he also looks into your bank for junk.

  12. Other Notes

    As a final note, You can find the Draynor Manor to the north of Draynor Village, where the Ernest the Chicken quest is done, and to the south is the Wizard's Tower, where you can fight wizards or be teleported to the essence mine.