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   Goblin Village Runescape City Guide
City Type: Free

Goblin Village Runescape City Guide:

  1. General's House
    This is the General's House, where you can find General Bentnoze and General Wartface, who are part of the Goblin Diplomacy Quest.

  2. Sack
    The Sack in this building is used in the Holy Grail Quest.

  3. Other Info
    There are two sets of goblins in the village. The green Goblins (Level-5) are led by General Wartface, and the Red Goblins (Level-5) are led by General Bentnoze. Neither is harder to kill, and both give the same amount of experience.
    The fire in the middle of the village never goes out, and the beer barrel never empties! Bring some food and some beer and have a party!

    Hope you enjoy Goblin Village!