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   Port Sarim Runescape City Guide
Written By: patgil2003

City Type: Free

Port Sarim Runescape City Guide:
This is the city of Port Sarim.

  1. This is the magic shop. You can buy runes and magic equipment.

  2. The jewelry shop. This is where you can buy jewelry for your character.

  3. In this building there is a sink.

  4. Brian's Axes. Here you can buy battle axes.

  5. The Port Sarim Bar. Here you can buy a beer for 2gp or start The Goblin Diplomacy quest. Also visit this bar while doing the (members) Alfred Grimhand Memorial Barcrawl.

  6. Here you can start the Pirate's Treasure quest.

  7. In this building there is a range.

  8. Here is the Fishing equipment store. Also see Gerrant if doing the (members) Hero's Quest.

  9. Here is Wydin's Grocery. You can buy foods to heal your character.

  10. Here is the Port Sarim jail. You can work on your magic and ranged here.

  11. Here is the boat to Karamja. The trip will cost you 30gp.

  12. Here you can find the boat to get to Crandor for the Dragon Slayer quest

  13. The boat to (members only) Entrana. This trip is free but you can not bring weapons or armor.

  14. That is my guide to Port Sarim. Hope you like it!