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   Rimmington Runescape City Guide
City Type: Free

Rimmington Runescape City Guide:

1. Melzar�s Maze - You need to complete this maze in order to finish the dragon slayer quest. You need to fight certain monsters until you get a key as a drop and hope you use it on the right doors. When you make it to the top, you will open a chest and find a piece of a map for the quest.

Yew Trees - There are yew trees south of Melzar�s maze. These are the highest free to play trees there are. The give great experience for not only woodcutting, but firemaking as well.

2. Cabbage and Onion Field - This field is home to 15 onions and 15 cabbages. You need onions in order to make yellow dye, and this is the place to get them.

3. Mines - The Rimmington Mines are a great place to start out your mining career. These mines are home to many low level rocks that can also sell for quite a lot.

Here are the rocks and how many there are:

Clay: 2
Copper: 5
Tin: 2
Iron: 6
Gold: 2

4. Crafting Store - Here is a great place to start crafting. They have many of the supplies that you will need along the way, and their prices are very good.

Here is what everything costs:

All molds except sickle: 5 gp
Sickle mold: 10 gp
Chisel, needle, and thread: 1 gp

5. Cooking Area - There is a range and a sink in northern part of this building. If you don�t want to burn food as much, I suggest you cook on a range like this. If you ever need water, don�t forget that there is a sink right next to the range.

Witch�s potion - This is the starting location of the Witch�s Potion quest. In this quest the witch names you certain ingredients that you need to get for her.

NOTE: Rats will only drop rat tails if you are ON THIS QUEST.

6. Crafting Guild - This is the crafting guild. In order to enter it, your crafting level needs to be at least 40. There are cows inside of here you can use to get cow hides. There are also some silver and gold rocks.

7. Chemist - This house belongs to the chemist and his three sons. They are needed in order to complete the Bio Hazard quest.

I don�t want to go into great detail about the quest because this would turn into a quest guide. Just make a note that this is where you need to go for the quest.

8. Hobgoblins - All of the hobgoblins here are level 28 except for one which is level 42. Also, snape grass respawns rather quickly here. You need snape grass to make certain potions using herblaw.

This location also makes for a great training spot for all levels. If you are interested in some fast experience points, this is the place to go.