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   East Ardougne Runescape City Guide
Written By: Supercoolyo

City Type: Members only

East Ardougne Runescape City Guide:
Welcome to Ardougne, one of the biggest cities in RuneScape.

1. Ardougne Market Place

Ardougne Market Place contains Guards, Warrior Women (24), Knights of Ardougne, Paladins (62), and Heroes (69). The Market Place also has a wide variety of stalls to buy or steal from.

In this part of Ardougne Market Place, you can steal fur, spices, or silk. If you haven't stolen from the stalls recently, you can buy and sell fur, spices, and silk.

At the silk stall, you can't buy silk, you can only sell it for 60 gp after talking the Silk Trader into it.

In this part of the Market Place, you can buy or steal bakery items from the Baker's Stall or gems from the Gems Stall.

Here is the Silver stall, where you can buy, sell, or thieve silver items.

2. Bank of Runescape

Here you can withdraw and deposit your items stored in your personal Bank account.

3. The Zoo

Here you can encounter a variety of Runescape's animals locked up in cages. This is a great place for ranged training if you're not concerned about getting your arrows back.

4. Aemad's Adventuring Supplies

Aemad's Adventuring Supplies holds many of the needed items needed for a typical day as an Adventurer. You can also buy and sell items here like a General Store.

5. Councillor Halgrive

Talk to Councillor Halgrive to start the Sheep Herder quest.

6. Ardougne Church

Here is an Altar to restore your Prayer Points on, as well as Doctor Orbon, who will give you protective clothing for a quest.

7. Ardougne's Furnace

Here is Ardougne's furnace where you can smelt your ore into bars.

8. North Bank of Runescape

Here is the Northern Bank of Runescape, where you can also withdraw and deposit your items inside your personal Bank account.

9. Plague City

In here you can start the Plague City Quest.

10. Ardougne Bar

In this bar, you can speak to Lucien and start the Temple of Ikov quest.

11. Elena's House.

Speak to Elena here to start the Biohazard quest, once you have completed Plague City.

12. Pottery Hut

Here are 2 Potter's Wheels and 1 Pottery Oven.

13. Carnillean's House

If you speak to Cecil here you can start the Hazeel Cult Quest.

14. King Lathas' Castle

Here is King Lathas' Castle, where you can train your combat, or your thieving. In here there are Knights of Ardougne, Paladins, and Warrior Women.

15. The Dock

Here is the Dock, where you can take a quick boat ride to Brimhaven for only 30 gp.

16. Lord Haldelmort's Castle

Here is Lord Haldelmort's Castle, normally locked, but beware of the level 44 Guard Dogs if you're low level and don't have good armor or weapons with you!

17. Ardougne North Entrance

Here is the North Entrance to Ardougne, which usually has 3 guards here at a time, if they're not killed.

I hope you enjoy West and East Ardougne!

This guide was written by Supercoolyo originally for RuneHQ, but was put on this website with permission of the owners of RuneHQ.