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   Seers Village Runescape City Guide
Written By: Supercoolyo

City Type: Members only

Seers Village Runescape City Guide:

1. Seers' Village Bank

Here you can withdraw and deposit your items in your personal bank account.

2. The Party House!

In this room, you can have the perfect party! With the chest right there, you can deposit items and pay 1000 coins to have a ton of balloons drop by pulling a lever. Players can pop the balloons with the hopes of an item from the chest being hidden inside one. You can also pay 500 coins to have knights dance on the table for your pleasure by pulling the lever. You can also dance with Party Pete.

Upstairs in the party room is a bar. You can buy a beer here for only 2 coins, and if you have a beer glass you can refill it from the barrel of ale.

3. Yew Trees

The Yew tree area isn't a big part of Seers' Village, but is a great place to get Yew logs.

4. Range, Sink, and Spinning Wheel

One of Runescape's many ranges, you can cook food here.

In this sink you can fill up buckets, jugs, or bowls with water.

This spinning wheel is upstairs from the room with the sink, and you can spin your Wool into Balls of wool.

5. Seer's Trees

This tree area is a main attraction in all of RuneScape because of the variety of trees all in one spot, close to a bank.

6. Coal Trucks

The coal trucks are also a big attraction to Seers' Village because they can hold 140 coal mined from the Coal Trucks Mining Site, west of the Seer's Village and McGrubor's Wood. With a single click you can fill your pack with your mined coal ore to haul it to the nearby bank. The coal trucks are like a personal coal bank account - nobody can steal your coal.

7. Seer's Village Bar

Here you can buy alcolholic beverages and food from the bartender.

8. Anvil Area

This building is where you get to the Elemental creatures for the Elemental Workshop quest, and it has 3 anvils in it to smith your bars into weapons and armor.

9. Camelot Castle

Here is King Arthur, his Round Table and many of his knights. You can start Merlin's Crystal and The Holy Grail quests here.

10. Seers' Village Church

Here is the church, where you can restore your Prayer Points.

I hope you enjoy Seers' Village.

This guide was written by Supercoolyo originally for RuneHQ, but was posted on this website under permission of the owners of RuneHQ.