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   Tyras Camp Runescape City Guide
Written By: Pigtrifle

City Type: Members only

Tyras Camp Runescape City Guide:

Npc around the camp: There are a few tyras guards(level 110)(you have to kill one to do the regicide quest), a few chickens, general hining and the quartermaster.

1.The quartermaster owns the shop in the tyras camp, he sells every kind of halberd, but you can only buy the dragon halberd after completing the regicide quest. you can also buy bread, jugs, shears, tinderboxes and pots here.

2.small furnace, you can smelt ores here, but why would you come here to do it?

3.King tyras(ex) tent, its now general hinings tent. But it doesn really matter because you cant get in.

there are 3 barrel spawns here, they are used to make the bomb for the regicide quest.

There is 1 barrel with ale in it, use an empty beer glass with it to get a glass of beer.