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   Yanille Runescape City Guide
Written By: ViralMonkey

City Type: Members only

Yanille Runescape City Guide:


1. Watchtower

The start of the aptly named 'Watchtower Quest', which is quite a difficult one.


There are also watchmen, which you can pickpocket from with level 65 theiving. On the table in the same room is a lit candle spawn. After completion of the watchtower quest and with level 58 magic you can teleport here at the cost of 2 law runes and 2 earth runes.

2. Hazelmere's house

The home of Hazelmere, relevant to the Grand Tree quest. You hand him the bark sample. Beware of the jungle spiders on the way to his house.

3. Bank

This is the bank, located close to Magic guild for people wishing to utilise the option of mining rune essence there. Also close to the cooking shop so herblorists can buy chocolate bars for energy potions.


4. Anvils

There are three anvils that are very close to the bank, which is very good for smithers who want to level up quickly.

5. Yanille Agility Dungeon


The gap shown requires level 40 agility to cross. If you fail, poison spiders are waiting to ruin your day. This room contains chaos druid warriors, great for herblore. The southerly entrance requires level 82 theiving and contains chaos druids and chaos druid warriors who drop a lot of herbs and potion ingredients.

6. Cooking shop


This shop sells food and utensils


Fairly close to bank, so players can stock up.

7. Sand Pit

Sand pit here for filling up buckets needed for crafting glass.

8. Pub


Sells Dragon Bitter for 2gp each and Greensmans Ale for 10gp each - Greensmans Ale increases your herblore level by 1 for a short period of time.

Not highlighted on the map is the Wizard Guild which requires level 66 magic. Inside of it you can be teleported to the rune essence, buy mystic robes, and buy runes for good prices, although they are usually out of stock of nature runes.

I hope you find Yanille as fun as it should be, it is a town built around magic and potions, and will be enjoyed best when used for that.