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   Brimhaven Runescape City Guide
Written By: Supercoolyo

City Type: Members only

Brimhaven Runescape City Guide:

Welcome to the exotic city of Brimhaven, right next to Karamja. Brimhaven and Karamja feature things not normally found in civilization, such as their trees and animals you will encounter here.

1. Brimhaven Entrance

Here is the entrance to Brimhaven, you must be a member and be on a member's server to pass through here.

2. Black Arm Thieves

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Here are the thieves from the Black Arm Gang who will help you get the Master Thieves Armband by giving you I.D. papers to get into Pete's Mansion.

3. Range

Here is the only Range on Brimhaven for cooking food.

4. Brimhaven's Bar

Here is Brimhaven's bar, which is always filled with pirates, makes it a good place for training ranged. You can also buy alcoholic beverages, and pick up from the Beer and Beer Glass spawns. There is also 2 barrels full of ale here to refill your empty Beer Glasses.

5. Davon's Amulet Store

This is Davon's Amulet Store, here you can buy some amulets.He will never restock Emerald, Ruby, or Diamond amulets because they're rare and he waits for an adventurer to supply him with some.

6. The Shrimp and Parrot

Here is the Shrimp and Parrot, here you can buy fish from the waitor.

7. Brimhaven South Mine

Here you will find 6 rocks with gold, which is an excellent place to get gold for crafting.

8. Pete's Mansion

Here is Pete's Mansion, which if you're in the black arm gang, you can enter to work on getting Pete's Candlesticks to get the Master Thieve's Armband.

9. Pete's Back Entrance

Behind this fence is the back entrance to Pete's Mansion, which a pheonix gang member uses to enter the mansion by going through the Shrimp and Parrot.

10. Brimhaven Ship Dock

Here is where you arrive and depart to and from Ardougne and Brimhaven for the low cost of 30 gp. BEWARE! If you're low level, or even under level 84, avoid the level 42 Jungle Spiders nearby, they are agressive, and do attack!

11. Brimhaven North Mine

Here is another good place for getting gold for crafting. Inside the 10 rocks of gold is a gold ore spawn. BEWARE if you're under level 40, the level 20 Poison Scorpions will attack you! They are agressive, and they will poison you. Bring good armor and a cure poison potion. To the right is a picture of the area you must blow your Magic Whistle to teleport to the place to finish The Holy Grail quest.

I hope you enjoy Brimhaven!

This guide was written by Supercoolyo originally for RuneHQ but was put on this website under permission of the owners of RuneHQ.