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   West Ardougne Runescape City Guide
Written By: willpie, Zero

City Type: Members only

West Ardougne Runescape City Guide:

Welcome to West Ardougne!

  1. This is the entrance to the city, which only becomes usable after you complete the Biohazrd Quest.

  2. This is where you come out of the sewers during the Plague City quest.

  3. The West Ardougne office, which is used during the Plague City Quest.

  4. The Head Mourner, used in the West Ardougne quest series.

  5. The West Ardougne church. The Priest is hiding in the corner.

  6. The Graveyard, where you can kill Zombies and Ghosts.

  7. The house in which you find Elena, in the Plague City quest.

  8. Nurse, where you find the Nurses' robe, during the biohazard quest.

  9. General Store. You can buy the usual things here plus food and ranged things for the Underground Pass.

  10. The dark mage, he will fix your Iban Staff if you lose it and have a broken staff.

  11. Entrance to the Underground pass. Koftik is by the entrance during the Underground Pass quest.

  12. You use this area for going over the wall during the Biohazard quest.

  13. You can smith here, but there are plenty of other places in other cities that are much closer to the bank.

  14. To the northeast is a Range and a water source where you can cook and fill up vials, buckets, etc. with water. Again it is not recommended because it is so far from a bank. Also you can only get in there a certain way which you learn during the Biohazard Quest.

  15. Respawns

    There are three respawns in West Ardougne:

    Rotten Apple: Just to the west (just outside) of the Mourner House
    Chisel: On the table in the house directly to the west of the church
    Knife: On the table in the house directly to the west of the church