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   Wizards Tower Runescape City Guide
Written By: Pirate Bob

City Type: Free

Wizards Tower Runescape City Guide:
The Wizards Tower is located just south of Draynor Village, and across the bridge. The bridge and surrounding area have recently undergone a graphics makeover, and the Tower itself is now closer to Tutorial Island, and the bridge has straightened itself out.

The Basement

We'll start with the Basement. There's not much here; the most important thing being Wizard Sedridor, who is part of the Rune Mysteries Quest. After you've finished the quest, he can teleport you to the Rune Essence Mine. Also, there is one Chicken (Level-1), and one Wizard (Level-9).

Lastly, there is a skull in the back of one of the rooms, which is used in The Restless Ghost Quest. After you've done the quest, you cannot pick up the skull again.

First Floor

The first floor has three Logs spawns, one Leather Boots spawn, four Wizards (Level-9) [2 outside of the building, 2 inside], and a Fountain outside you can use to fill bottles, vials, buckets, and jugs with water. Next to the entrance to the tower, you can see an Evil Eye Decoration, which 'Looks like an eye with huge lashes' according to it's Examine Info.

Also, a completely useless but kind of fun feature, the 6 bookcases in the large room can be Searched to see the titles of many of the magic-related books the Wizards have collected, such as:
  • So You Think you're a Mage - Volume 28
  • Living with a Wizard Husband - a Housewife's Story
  • 101 Ways to Impress your Mates with Magic
  • How to become the Ultimate Wizard of the Unverse
  • Wind Strike for Beginners

Second Floor

Two wizards reside on the second floor of the Wizards Tower: Wizard Traiborn and the Split-bark Armor Wizard. Wizard Traiborn is used in the Demon Slayer Quest, and the Split-bark Armor Wizard, who members can buy Split-bark Armor from in exchange for Fine Cloths, Bark, and gp. Level-40 Defence and Level-40 Magic is required to weild Split-bark Armor.
There are also two Wizards (Level-9).

Wizard Traiborn Split-bark Wizard

Third Floor

The third floor of the Wizards Tower is where you can start the Imp Catcher Quest by talking to Wizard Mizgog.

There is also the famous Lesser Demon (Level-82) behind the cage, a great target for ranged or mage training (members can use a halberd), and the Wizard Grayzag (Level-41). If you attack Grayzag, an Imp (Level-3) will appear. Maybe if you're lucky, you can manage to get a Rune Medium Helmet from the Lesser Demon, but of course you'll have to Tele-grab it.

That's it for the Wizards Tower! Enjoy!