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   Hemenster Runescape City Guide
Written By: stobbo

Corrections/Additions: me4eva

City Type: Members only

Hemenster Runescape City Guide:
Hemenster is a small lakeside village on the coast in central Kandarin, however it is very busy with lots of travellers heading to East Ardougne.

  1. Fishing Contest

    This area on the side of the lake is used for the Fishing Contest Quest.

  2. Grandpa Jack's House

    Grandpa Jack will give you advice of how to win the Fishing Contest Quest.

  3. Chickens

    The area outside the Ranged Guild has lots of chickens which are good for getting feathers to use within the Ranged Guild.

  4. Ranged Guild

    The Ranged Guild is one of two guilds in Hemenster and requires level 40 Ranging to enter.

  5. Fishing Guild

    The Fishing Guild is Hemenster's other guild and can be found south west of the Ranged Guild and Fishing Contest.

  6. Sheep

    Outside the Fishing Guild door there is one type of diseased sheep used in the Sheep Herder Quest.

  7. Goblin Cave

    The entrance to goblin cave is in a small mound. In the cave you can find Goblins, the cave is also used in the Dwarf Cannon Quest.

  8. Anvils

    Hemenster has a few anvils however these are hardly used because of the lack of a nearby bank.

  9. Temple of Ikov

    Down in the Cave, you can find the Boots of Lightness; the cave is also related to the Temple of Ikov Quest.

  10. Magic Trees

    Here there are some magic trees often busy in the peak hours.

  11. Sorcerers Tower

    The tower is where you can get broken Iban staffs repaired for 200,000gp. In front of the tower there are also some more magic trees.

Where is Hemenster?

Hemenster is in the Kingdom of Kandarin, south of Seers' Village and north of Ardougne.

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