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   Prayer Guild Runescape Guild Guide
Written By: Psycho944

Corrections/Additions: Mjrq5

City Type: Free

Prayer Guild Runescape Guild Guide:
Location: North of Falador, North-West of Varrock
Requirements: 31+ Prayer, Prayer Points must be full the first time you wish to enter

This is what the prayer guild looks like. The bottom floor holds monks which are level 5 each, and will heal your health for free, anytime.

r If you use the eastern ladder the first thing you see when you come up is the Kharid Scorpion for the Scorpion Catcher Quest:

If you do go up the ladder the first room on the east side has a full set of Monks Robes on the table:

In the middle room at the back is the prayer altar that not only fills up your prayer, but also boosts it for 2 points(when recharging at the guild only) (eg: 101/99 prayer):

In the far western room is Brother Jered, if you do not have a Saradomin Book (Obtained if you choose to pick it after completing the Horror from the Deep Quest - Members Only) he will enchant Holy Symbols for you for free. The symbols must be strung.

This is the end of the prayer guild!
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