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   Heroes Guild Runescape Guild Guide
Written By: Psycho944

Corrections/Additions: JamesLaBeau

City Type: Members only

Heroes Guild Runescape Guild Guide:
Welcome to the Heroes Guild!
Requirements - Must have completed the Heroes Quest
Location - North of Taverly

Here is the main entrance to the Heroes Guild:

Downstairs is where all the fun begins:

Downstairs there is a blue dragon, 2 runite rocks, 2 addy rocks, 2 mith rocks, about 10 coal rocks and the Fountain of Heroes where you recharge a glory ammy.

Blue dragon

Runite Rocks

Adamantite/Mithril Rocks:

Fountain of Heroes:

Upstairs (Second Floor):

Happy Heroes Hemporium

Current prices (Depending on Stock)
Dragon Battleaxe - 200,000
Dragon mace - 50,000

In addition to that, there's also an altar to recharge your prayer while upstairs.

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