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   How to Become an Easter Egg - (Holiday 2006) Runescape Guide
Written By: Giac Jr

Guide Type: Free

How to Become an Easter Egg - (Holiday 2006) Runescape Guide:
Note: This guide is on the site for historical purposes. The minigame it refers to no longer exists and you may no longer acquire the rewards from this quest.
  1. First off, you need to locate one of the new areas where the mounds are.

  2. When you find the mounds, you can start using your Spade on them, and getting eggs.

  3. When you have 10 eggs, find a Child and give him/her 10 eggs. Next, you need to find a Magic Egg.

  4. Magical Easter Egg from the Runescape Easter event, 2006

  5. When you find the egg, DONT EAT IT YET!! Go to one of the OPEN holes, not a mound, a hole, and eat the egg on the hole. You will turn into a bunny and go into the hole.

  6. Now it's time for you to go to the Easter Bunny! Go to the middle of the huge maze, and go into the Chute. Talk to the bunny, and ask him "What's going on down here?" and after a bit of talking he will ask for you to help. Say Okay.

  7. Now, as we've already gave the children eggs, it should now go to you saying "I've already given out 10 eggs" and you will now get a Magic Ring.

  8. Go back outside, equip the ring, and ENJOY BEING AN EASTER EGG!