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   Anti-Scam Protection Runescape Guide
Written By: Hell Mager3

Guide Type: Free

Anti-Scam Protection Runescape Guide:
Note Before Reading - This guide is not an anti-hack guide, so do not get confused with this guide; which can be found here. There is also a category specially made for scams/hacks in our forums. A direct link to this forum is here.

Written By: Hell Mager3
Additions By: Supercoolyo, Pirate Bob, bob799, dylanator3, pendragon4, Ged.

There are many different scams in RuneScape. This guide is here to help users know which scams to look out for, so people do not fall for them. If you know any scams which aren't posted here, then I suggest that you register to the forums here, or else if you have registered to the forums, Then click here to create a new post.

Granite Maul Scam
People will say something like "Selling Granite Maul, Very Cheap." They want you to trade them, where they will show you a noted granite maul. They place the maul, you place the cash, just before you both hit accept, the user will then switch the noted granite maul for a noted rock hammer worth about 100gp.

Rune Chain Scam
Because the Rune and Mith Chain Mail Bodies look very similar, somebody will try to sell you a rune chain. If you want it, then you would put the money up, and the scammer will try to switch the rune chain with a mith chain very quickly for you not to notice. You will end up paying about 45k for an item worth 2k.

Password Scamming
People may say "Jagex blocks your passwords: See ******." This is a scam. The user is only typing in stars to make it appear that Jagex really is blocking his password, but the password isnt being blocked.

Password Scamming 2
Some people may claim to be secret Jagex staff, and will say that if you give them your password, they will automatically add a months members to your account. Jagex will never contact you in-game, or via e-mail. Jagex will only contact you inside your personal RuneScape message box. This scam is also used to add extra money, or else for leveling skills, anything which sounds too good to be true.

Member Scam
People may come up to you and say "I recently became a member, and found a note in a members area saying 'To get bonus cash every time you log on, change your access to money' and i have tested it and it works!" Jagex will never tell you to change your password in-game, and there are no cheats made specificly by Jagex to give any unfair advantages.

Rune Long in notes scam
They will offer to sell a rune long for 10-15k, and on the first trade they offer it, you offer money, and on the 2nd trade screen they "accidently" decline. The next time, instead of the rune long, they put on an iron long because on the note the item is distorted and small, and you can't see the color.

Two person Scam
2 People will work together to pull off a big heist. 1 Person will try to buy a nearly useless, rare item for a high price, and the second person will be selling one for about half the price Person 1 is offering. They'll ignore eachother or disagree on trades, and Person 2 is still selling half price. If you buy the useless rare item (such as the uncommon hollow reed from legends quest that some people are uninformed about) for way more than the useless item's worth.

Friend/Clan Trust
The clan trust test is when someone asks you to join their clan, but you have to earn their trust first, by giving them an expensive item and trusting them to give it back. They, of course, just keep the item, and usually block you afterwards. This doesn't have to be a clan either. It could just be someone who says 'if you want to be my friend, i gotta know you can trust me.'

Alt+F4 Scam
People may say things like, I know how to duplicate items. They will say for example "Drop your Party Hat and press Alt+F4, and it will duplicate." Pressing Alt+F4 actually closes your window, and will log you out instantly, so never fall for this scam.

I can trim your armour! Scam
Some people will claim to be able to trim your armour. This is a scam. People cannot trim armour, period, not even in-game forum moderators, or even Jagex Staff! If people try to say, I can trim your armour to make it worth more, do not give them your armour. Just say armour trimming is a scam then report them.

How to get back on your feet after you have been scammed (Posted by dylanator3 after he got hacked)

Ok, I was hacked about 3 days ago and lost about 2 mil worth of stuff including a granite maul, full rune, dragon long, dragon dagger, rune pickaxe and hatchet. I figured out a way to get almost all of that stuff back in 2 days flat.
Requirements: 44 runecrafting, 41 mining, nice friends.

First day:
From my friends i was given about enough money to buy a rune pic axe and a nature tailsman.
First I went and mined about 250 essence in Varrock.
Next I crafted these into nature runes and sold them for 360 ea (about 80k worth)
After that I bought 2k ess for about 75k or so.

Day 2:
Spend the next 2 days just crafting natures, it will get boring but its totaly worth it.
I got them all done in a total of about 5 hours.
Once you have them all crafted got to world 2 and sell them.
I sold two incraments of 1k ess for 400k ea.
Get your stuff!

With the 800k I made I bought myself full rune, granite maul, amulet of glory. All in 3 days starting with nothing!
I know that some of the requirements like 44 runecrafting is hard but its totaly worth it believe me. You can make 100k an hour easy. This is also a great way to just to make money and meet new people.

Tips for nature rune crafting:
You don't have to walk all the way to shilo village bank! Here is what you do, you need 3 things: All of your essence in a NOTE, About 10k in cash, A nature tailsman. Now Go to the general store on the Northwestern corner of the island, it is south of brimhaven.
Now sell 24 noted essence to the store and buy it back as the real item. Now walk southeast to the nature alter, the is practicly and trail for you so it is easy to find, you will not rune into any spiders or tribal warriors so dont wory about posioen. Craft your natures and walk back to the store and repeat the process. This is 10 times faster than walking to the bank and you make a huge profit.

Just remeber, to start to level RuneCrafting members if you want to get back on your feet. When somebody posts something about how to get back on your feet for free players, I will add this onto this guide.

Good luck!

*This guide has been written by Hell Mager3 and is not to be copied without the permission of Hell Mager3 or Rune Masters!*