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   Dueling Arena Runescape Guide
Written By: beud4500

Corrections/Additions: kornrule0

Guide Type: Members only

Dueling Arena Runescape Guide:
Welcome to the Duel Arena!

The place where any member can show off their combat skills to one another, not lose items at death or win lots of stuff like items of rarity or cash. To get here either obtain a duel ring (enchanted emerald ring) and use the option Al Kharid Duel Arena or just take a walk.

Either way you will still arrive at the same place. Past the gate you will notice a scoreboard...

Here it shows the last 50 duels that have happened. So if you are defeated by a low level the embarrassment will show on the scoreboard. Otherwise you will be feeling proud if you defeated multiple or high level opponents.

Main Building

Keep walking and you will be in the main building please disregard the challenge.

This is where the action starts. There is an altar for all your praying needs

Next to the building is an open area where Fadli sells tomatoes to throw at duelers and banks your stuff.


The main purpose of the arena. About arenas there are two types of them. The standard arena as I call it:

And the arena with obstacles:

The standard arena has no blockades so all combat types can freely attack each other unless you or your opponent restrict movement. The Obstacle arena has blockades all over the arena and difficult for warriors but easy for mages and rangers. The choice of land is between you and your opponent. And speaking of choices when you duel someone you see this screen.

Option Explanation
No Forfeit Players cannot forfeit a duel
No Movement Players cannot move while dueling
No Weapons No weapons can be used during a duel
No Armour No armour may be worn during a duel
No Jewellery No jewellery (amulets, rings etc) can be worn during a duel
No Ranged Ranging cannot be used in the duel
No Melee Melee cannot be used in the duel
No Magic Magic cannot be used in the duel
Flower Power The only weapon available for use are flowers
No Potions Potions cannot be used in this duel
No Food Food cannot be used in this duel
No Prayer Prayer cannot be used in this duel
Obstacles Arena has obstacles (View the obstacles picture)
No SP. Attack Special Attack is disabled in this duel

There are two types of dueling, fun match and staking. Fun match is when you don�t risk anything and you just get exp. This is very good training if you manage to fun a lot of people. Staking on the other hand is the more riskier and rewarding type of fight. Its when two opponents put up items or money of equal value and duel for it. Its double or nothing.

Other things to do:

If you don't want to duel there are other things to do. You can sell stuff. Some duelers will often buy back whatever items they have lost in a duel. Another thing you can do is watching the fights. You can enter the viewing area from almost anywhere in the Duel Arena. And while your at it get some tomatoes from Faldi and then throw them at people for fun.

*This guide has been written by beud4500 and is not to be copied without the permission of beud4500 or Rune Masters!*