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   Murder Mystery Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Supercoolyo

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Lord Sinclair's Mansion, Talk to the guard to start.

Required Items: A Pot

Reward: 2000 coins, 3 quest points, and 1406 crafting experience.

Murder Mystery Runescape Quest Walkthrough:

Description: Lord Sinclair was found murdered in his mansion. There are a lot of guards there that are working on the case, but they're confused about the crime. You must help these guards find out the culprit who murdered Lord Sinclair.


  1. Talk to the guard near the gate of the Sinclair Mansion North of Seer's Village and tell him you'll help them find the culprit.

  2. Go to the room with all the evidence, including the Criminal's Dagger and pick up the Pungent Pot. While you're there, you can also investigate the smashed window for the Criminal's Thread and get the Criminal's Dagger, but you don't need these yet.

  3. Go outside and Investigate the gate of where the Sinclair Guard Dog is, it should say that the fierce dog barks at you.

  4. Talk to one of the Gossips and find out everything they know, they should talk about the Sinclairs buying poison.

  5. Go South, just barely East of the Seer's Village bank, and talk to the Poison Salesman. Ask him about the sale that he made with the entire Sinclair family. You should show the Poison Salesman the Pungent Pot, and he'll know that the smell is his Multi Purpose Poison.

  6. Talk to each one of the children the Poison Salesman said he sold poison to, it should be: Bob, Frank, David, Elizabeth, Carol, and Anna, and ask what they did with the poison.

  7. Investigate each of the areas that they said they cleaned. One of them will not have had the poison used on it. This is where the quest gets interesting, because you can get six different outcomes.

  8. Whichever person did not use their poison is the culprit, but you need more evidence. Go to the room with the evidence and pick up the dagger. Then, investigate the window to find a thread. This thread is the same color as the trousers of your culprit.

  9. Now you must search around for the barrel belonging to the criminal who's pants match the color of the thread. Some of them are upstairs, but two of them are downstairs. You should find the item that belongs to that person in their barrel and you must use it for their fingerprints.

  10. Now you should go to the room just west of the cook's room where you should see two sacks. After you search them you will find flypaper, and you need to get 2 of them.

  11. Now you must fill up your pot with flour from the Barrel of Flour in the cooks room, or you could use flour from somewhere else. Pour the flour on the Criminal's Dagger, and then use the Dagger with the flypaper. You should get an unidentified fingerprint.

  12. Get more flour from the pot and use it with the item you found in the culprit's barrel by searching. Once you've put the flour on the culprit's object, you then have to use it with the flypaper, and use the culprit's fingerprints with the unidentified fingerprints, and they will match.

  13. Talk to the guard and tell him you have evidence for who did the crime, he'll ask you about all the items and collect the evidence from you. He will say that the culprit will be in house arrest until the trial, and that he thanks you for your help.

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Note: This guide was written by Supercoolyo originally for RuneHQ, although it's my property, it's redistributed with the permission of the RuneHQ owners.