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   Shadow of the Storm Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to Father Reen by the Al Kharid Bank

Required Skills: Level 30 Crafting

Required Quests: Must have completed Demon Slayer and The Golem

Required Items: Silverlight(Father Reen will give you one if you don't have one), Waterskins and knife(recomended), Desert Robe top and bottom, 2 vials, pestle and mortar, Dark Wizard hat, Food and silver bar

Reward: 1 Quest Point, Darklight's sword, and you can pick 1 of the 6 combat skills to receive 10K experience in (Attack, Strength, Defense, HP, Magic, or Range).

Shadow of the Storm Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Father Reen by the Al Kharid bank and you will find out ironically he is looking for you. He will ask you if you still have silverlight. If you have lost silverlight you can either buy one it off Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle for 500gp, Buy from the Legends Guild or you can always get it back from Father Reen. Father Reen will tell you to go meet his partner Father Badden in Uzer.

  2. Now get some desert gear and either walk or take the carpet to Uzer(75,100 or 200gp per trip) and talk to Badden there. Ask him every question about the Dark wizards and demon then enter the temple.

  3. When you enter the temple you will find out the portal is being guarded by Evil Dave. Ask him about his clothes and joining their group. He won't let you unless you look like your evil. But he will however hint you at the robes being the color made by the dye of a black mushroom.

  4. Like you did in The Golem quest, pick 2 black mushrooms nearby, crush them using a pestle and mortar with 2 empty vials in your inventory and you will have your vials of black mushroom dye. Now dye the bottom and top of a desert robes and your ready to go or you can always use ghost robes, black hide and anything else 'black' or 'dark'.

  5. When you arrive talk to Evil Dave and he will let you join but however you will need a black hat and something to cover that 'shiny' sword of yours. So get another vial of black mushroom dye and turn your silverlight black and get a darkwizard hat. Now he will let you in. When your inside talk to Danath but he is not ready yet.

  6. He tells you to obtain a demon sigli mould from one of the people there. He will also give you an incantation to memorize.

    Now talk to all of the disciples and in the end Matthew will tell you to find a book in the ruins somewhere and you will get a demon sigli mould from Jennifer.
  7. For the mould get a silver bar and with 30 crafting make the Demon Sigli, And for the book talk to the Golem and he will tell you about the book which is hidden in one of the kilns. So search around the area and eventually you will find it in a kiln(it is random for everyone). Give the book to Matthew and afterwards enter the ritual.

  8. Follow the ritual by chanting the lines correctly and in the end you will see Denalth dissapear after walking through the center.

  9. Now some of the disciples will flee and you will need to get them back so you can resummon him to kill him. Now as you get some people to summon him again you will take small amounts of damage from the collapsing temple and the sandstorm located outside.

    While you do this you will find 2 of the disciples dead and one fleeing. So you will end up getting these people, Evil Dave outside, Father Badden and Father Reen and with a strange implement found northwest of the underground temple open up the golem and take his enchanted scroll so he will help out. Now you have all the people, talk to Matthew and get ready.
  10. Now say the enchantment in reverse order like in the book and afterwards Agrith-Nar will come out.

    Agrith-Nar is a lvl 100 demon and like Delrith can only be succesfully killed with your silverlight. He will mage and melee you so use one of the protection prayers and eat food to protect against the other. You don't have to kill Agrith-Nar with strictly silverlight, you can attack him with your normal weapon then as he's almost finished equip silverlight and kill him.

  11. After you have killed him you will be able to direct some experience to any combat skill of your choice(choice of mage,ranged,strength,attack,defense,hitpoints).
    Quest Complete!

    This is one of the rewards from this quest. From what i know its suppose to be a better version of silverlight and will hit demons much better then it. The special takes 50% of the bar and it looks real cool.