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   Spirits of Elid Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: The village of Nardah, South-East of Pollnivneach, speak to Awusah, the mayor of Nardah.

Required Skills: Level 33 Magic, Level 37 Ranged, Level 37 Mining, Level 37 Thieving, Ability to defeat three level 75 monsters

Required Items: 1 Shantay Pass, 1 Knife, 4 Waterskins(4), 1 Needle, 2 Thread, 1 Rope, 1 Light giving item (Lanterns, Candles...), food, 1 Pickaxe, 1 Bow and a few Arrows, 1 Law Rune, 1 Air Rune (for Telekenetic Grab), Armour (For fighting), 1 weapon that can slash (e.g. scimitar), 1 weapon that can stab (3.g. dagger), 1 weapon th at can crush (e.g. mace) otherwise use a spear, coins (for transportation).

Reward: 2 Quest Points, Use of the shrine to pray at, 8,000 Prayer Experience, 1,000 Thieving Experience, 1,000 Agility Experience.

Spirits of Elid Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
Note: Nardah, the city you're going to, has a bank.
  1. To start, first take the magic carpet to Pollineveach, walk South to the next carpet merchant and fly to Nardah. Normally it will be 200gp but if you did the Ali Morrisne minigame it will be 100gp, and if you have a ring of charos(u) it will be 75gp. When you arrive in Nardah, head east to townhall and talk to mayor Awusah. When you tell him you're an adventurer, he will explain about the situation.

    Picture of Awusah the Mayor in the Town Hall of Nardah in Runescape's Spirits of Elid Quest

  2. You will find out that the city is cursed because all of the water in and entering the city has dried up. Your job is to investigate and help rid Nardah of this curse. So to start, go North-West of the townhall into the Shrine-like building and telekenetic grab the ancestral key on the east table because you can't get it manually. After that, search the cupboards and get the worn robe top and bottom. Use needle and thread and they will be good as new. Put them on and continue.

  3. With the robes on, head east of the Shrine and talk to Ghaslor the Elder, he will give you notes for a ballad, read them and it will hint on what happens next.

    Notes for a Ballad from Ghaslor the Elder in Runescape's Spirit of Elid Quest.

  4. Now get your armor, weapons, a bow and some arrows and follow the river north to the waterfall. Use your rope on the roots with the robes on and climb in. Unlock the first door and you will be in a huge cavern with 4 doors. 3 of the rooms have guardians that do melee attacks and each has their own weaknesses. You can use food on them or the Protect from Melee prayer. At this point you can put back on your armor.
    A rope being used on the roots to enter the cave in Runescape's Spirit of Elid Quest.

    Southern Door
    This is where the white golem is, he is level 75 and is very weak against stab attacks. Please ignore the cat blocking the fight as well. When your done with him enter the room and with theiving clear the water channel.

    The level 75 White Golem who is weak against stab attacks in Runescape's Spirit of Elid Quest.

    Southeast Door
    This is where the Grey Golem is, he is also level 75 but instead of stab attacks he is weak against slash attacks. When your done with him enter the room and use a pickaxe to clear the rocks and water channel.

    The level 75 Grey Golem who is weak against slash attacks in Runescape's Spirit of Elid Quest.

    Northeast Door
    This is where the last golem is, the black golem, he is again level 75 and he is only weak against crush attacks.

    The level 75 Black Golem who is weak against crush attacks in Runescape's Spirit of Elid Quest.

    When you're done with him, enter the room and use a bow and arrow to shoot the target so the water channel can be cleared.

    The target you must shoot to clear the water channel in Runescape's Spirit of Elid Quest.
  5. After you're done with all the golems put on your robes again if you haven't done so, and enter the northern chamber. Talk to the spirits there, they will tell you that the cause of the curse is the statuelette of Elinid was thrown away. Now you will need to find it.

    The spirits in the northern chamber of the cave in Runescape's Spirits of Elid Quest.

  6. Go back to Nardah and talk to Asuwah the Mayor and he will tell you that the statuelette was thrown into a dark crevice west of the city. On the way out, take the mayor's shoe by the entrance.

  7. Go west of Nardah to the crevice and climb down, make sure you have a light giving item such as a candle or lantern and the mayors shoes with a knife. Talk to the genie and ask him for the statue, he will want the mayor's sole (I think he means soul, but follow the flaw anyway), use a knife with the mayor's shoe and give it to the genie for the statuelette. Go back to Nardah and use the statuelette with the empty podium and...
Quest Done!

Runescape's Spirits of Elid Quest Complete screen, showing the rewards for completing the quest.