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   Between a Rock... Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Pirate Bob

Quest Difficulty: Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: The Keldagrim Mines

Required Skills: 30 Defence, 40 Mining, 50 Smithing, the ability to defeat a level 75-125 enemy (varies)

Required Quests: Fishing Contest, Dwarf Cannon, Giant Dwarf is recommended but not neccessary

Required Items: Pickaxe, 5k gp, a hammer, 1 cannonball mould, and 4 gold bars

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 5k Defence experience, 5k Mining experience, 5k Smithing experience, a Rune pickaxe

Between a Rock... Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Head into the Keldagrim Mines (northeast of Relleka) and enter the Cave. Go through the next Cave entrance that you'll see as soon as you walk in.

  2. Speak with the Dwarven Ferryman (make sure not to confuse him with the Dwarven Boatman) to get across the river for 2 gp. Once across the river, head east, north, then west (just follow the path), to find Dodakan. Speak with him to start the quest. He will tell you about his troubles and ask for your help.

  3. Head back across the river (it'll cost you another 2 gp) and speak with the Dwarven Boatman to get to the dwarven city Keldagrim. Once you arrive, head north, then west across the bridge, and speak to the Librarian in the second building past the bridge. She will send you to find a Dwarven Engineer.

  4. Head south from the Library, and enter the large building immediately to the west of the river, and speak to the Dwarven Engineer. He will tell you about Rolad and where to find him.

  5. Head to the entrance of the dwarven mines (not the one in Falador, but the one near the Ice Mountain). Enter the East building right near the entrance and speak with Rolad. He will send you to collect 3 book pages.
    1. The first page can be retrieved by killing a scorpion:

    2. The second page can be found inside one of the mine carts. You might have to search all of them before you find it.

    3. The third page can be retrieved by mining some ore from any of the rocks in the mines:

  6. Once you collect all three pages they will turn into one item and you can then return to Rolad and give them to him. Hand him the pages and Rolad will give you a book. You can say 'Yes' or 'Yes (lie)' when he asks if you'll bring his book back. The quest will not be affected by your choice.

  7. Read the book and head back to Dondakan and speak with him again. He will ask you to find a hard material that can break through the rock.

  8. Go make a golden cannonball, and return to Dondakan to give him the ball. He will fire it straight through the rock with his cannon.

  9. He will then ask if he can shoot you through the rock as well to discover what is inside. Agree to be shot out of the cannon, and he will send you to retrieve a golden helmet and the schematics needed to modify the cannon so it can shoot out a person.

  10. There are 4 sets of Schematics:
    1. The first is given to you by Dondakan.

    2. The Dwarven Engineer in Keldagrim has the second set of schematics.

    3. The third set of schematics belong to Khorvak the dwarven engineer. You can find him under White Wolf Mountain. Buy him a drink (or don't for a funny cutscene) and he will give you the schematics.

    4. The last can be retrieved by speaking to Rolad again (the dwarf right outside the Dwarven Mines). He of course has lost it, but it turns out that it's the last page of the book he gave you. Read the book again and you will rip the last page out.

  11. Now that you have all of the schematics, you need to put them together. Click Assemble on the base schematics and a window will pop up for you to assemble. The base schematics will help you through. Just do one part at a time and align the blue schematics with the white base schematics. It should look like this when you're done:

  12. Now for the helmet. Use 3 Gold Bars with an Anvil to make a Golden Helmet.

  13. Return to Dondakan with the complete Schematics and Golden Helmet and tell him you're ready to go. Once you're inside, there will be lots of gold around you, and rocks floating in the air:

  14. You have 8 minutes to mine gold in the rock. The more gold you mine, the easier the final battle is. You will need at least 6 gold ore. Once you think you have a sufficient amount of gold, head to the wall of flame and jump through it:

  15. Once you're through the wall of flame, walk to the center of the room and talk to the wall of flame there. The Arzinian Avatar of Magic will appear, and you must kill him. He may attack with melee, ranged, or magic attacks.

  16. Once you defeat him, a cool cutscene will show and you will be taken back outside of the rock

  17. Speak to Dondakan again to complete the quest. Congratulations! Quest Complete!