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   Creature of Fenkenstrain Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Pirate Bob, Zero

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Canifis

Required Skills: Level 25 Thieving, Level 20 Crafting, the ability to defeat a Level-51 Experiment

Required Items: Spade, 5 Thread, 1 Needle, 50 gp, 1 Silver Bar, 3 Bronze Wire, Hammer, Ghostspeak Amulet, Weapon/Armor, Food, Holy Symbol, Ectophial, Teleport Runes to Falador or Amulet of Glory for telportation to Al Kharid to use furnace

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 1000 Thieving experience, Ring of Charos (allows access to the Werewolf

Creature of Fenkenstrain Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Start the quest by reading the Signpost in the center of Canifis.

  2. Head northeast past the Slayer Master to Fenkenstrain's Castle, and talk to Dr Fenkenstrain in the center room. He will ask you a couple of questions; tell him that you're brain dead and that you're good at grave-digging. He'll send you to retrieve a head, a torso, a set of arms, and a set of legs.

  3. Go into the upper level of the southwest tower of the castle and wind up the clock. Retrieve the letter that falls out and read it to learn about the recent happenings in the castle.

  4. The Head

  5. Head north out of the castle to the garden, and speak to the gardener while wearing your Ghostspeak Amulet and ask him what happened to his head.

  6. Head out to the hanted woods that are just south of the castle (beware of the monsters in this area; there are Level-52 Leeches and Level-61 and Level-72 Vampires roaming about). Keep talking to him as you walk through the woods and he will direct you to where his head is buried. You will end at a gravestone. Dig up his grave to retrieve the head.

  7. The Torso, Arms, and Legs

  8. Walk back into the castle and head upstairs. In the room to the west, search the bookcase for the book Joy Of Grave Digging and you will get the Marble Amulet. Search the bookcase in the eastern room for Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques to get the Obsidian Amulet. Use the two amulets together to make the Star Amulet.


    + =

  9. Head out of the castle again, this time following the path to the east until you reach a small graveyard. Use your star amulet on the easternmost gravestone and push it to enter the dungeon.

  10. Once inside the cave, head northwest until you see the Level-51 Experiment, and kill it to get the Cavern Key.

  11. Pick up the key and keep walking northwest until you reach a gate. Use the Cavern Key on the gate and keep following the path until you reach a ladder; climb up it. You will see 3 graves. Dig up all of them to get the Torso, the Arms, and the Legs.

  12. Head all the way back to Canifis and into the pub. Speak with Roavar and ask him for some food. Buy the Pickled Brain. Then put the Pickled Brain in the Head to recieve the Decapitated Head.

    + =

  13. Go back to Dr Fenkenstrain and give him all the body parts (Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs). He will need a Needle and 5 Thread. Give them to him.

  14. The Conductor

  15. Dr Fenkenstrain will now need you to repair the lightning conductor. Talk to the Gardener again and ask for the key to the shed. Once you have it, go into the shed (it's right there in the garden) and search the cupboard for the Garden Brush. Then collect 3 Garden Canes from the Piles of Canes outside the shed on the ground. Use the 3 canes on the Brush to extend it 3 times. (This uses your 3 Bronze Wires)

  16. Head to the second floor of the castle and sweep the west fireplace with your Extended Brush to get the Conductor Mold. Teleport or walk to a furnace and make a Conductor with your Silver Bar.

  17. Go through the doors to the south on the second floor and head up the ladder. Use your Left-click on the Lightning Conductor to repair it with your new conductor.

  18. Head back to Dr Fenkenstrain and he'll tell you to kill the reawakened monster, and he will give you a key to the tower.

  19. Use the Tower Key on the gate on the second floor, and speak to the monster. He will tell you that he used to own the castle and that he employed Fenkenstrain as the doctor. He will ask you to stop the doctor's experiments and take the Ring of Charos from him.

  20. Go back to Dr Fenkenstrain and pickpocket him to get the Ring of Charos and finish the quest.