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   Fairy Tales Part 1 (Growing Pains) Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village's Market Square.

Required Skills: High level farming is an advantage, and the ability to defeat a level 111 enemy

Required Quests: Lost City, Nature Spirit

Required Items: Dramen Staff, a spade, one secateur, three random items (will be revealed during quest), a ghostspeak amulet, some food and armour, prayer potions are optional depending on your level and lots of teleport runes or charged glory amulets come in handy.

Reward: Magic Se cateurs, farming experience

Fairy Tales Part 1 (Growing Pains) Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
1. To start the quest talk to Martin the Master gardener located at the Draynor Village market and agree to help him out. He will tell you about a new farming problem and would like you to talk to other farmers and gardeners who would be able to help out since their in his group G.A.G(Group of Advanced Gardeners).


2. Take teleportation runes or items to go to the many farming patches around runescape and talk to their gardener or farmer. You will need to talk to 5 of them and if one dosen't give any information, move on to the next one. If you got the right ones, this information should be correct.

1st Farmer: Says that its lack of rain.
2nd Farmer: Says its all insects' fault.
3rd Farmer: Says its adventurers destroying his patches.
4th Farmer: Says that its bad season.
5th Farmer: Fairies

3. After a long journey around runescape talking to the various gardeners or farmers go back to Draynor Village Market and talk to Martin again. You will tell him about the information you got from the gardeners or farmers and he will ask you to investigate the fairies in Zanaris.

4. Take your Dramen staff and enter Zanaris from the small hut in Lumbridge Swamps with the staff equipped and you will be in Zanaris. Note that there will be alot of weird random things going on as you go through the fairy city. From there go south to the throne room and talk to the fairy god father. He will talk abbout the queen fairy's sickness and a tanglefoot she got sick from and will direct you to a fairy named Nuff.

5. Nuff the fairy is located in a small room north of the Zanaris bank which is west of the throne room. Nuff will tell about the illness and give you a list of symptoms to give to a darkwizard by the name of Zandar Horfyre in the tower southwest of Falador.

6. Teleport to falador and go to the Darkwizard tower which is just north of the Make-over mage. Go to the top floor and talk to Zandar there and after some chatting he will direct you to Malignus Mortifer who has fought a Tanglefoot before.

7. Go to Port Sarim and wandering around the road to Falador should be Malignus Mortifer and his 4 elemental mages. Talk to Malignus and he will tell you to get him a skull from Draynor Manor so he could tell you what he knows.

Now go to the back of Draynor Manor and dig by the grave for a skull. Then return to Malignus with it.

8. Malignus will tell you that to defeat a Tanglefoot all you need are a pair of magic scateurs. And to get that you will need to give a pair of scateurs and 3 random objects(different for every player) to the Nature Spirit in Mort Myre Swamp. So get the scateurs, your 3 items and a ghostspeak amulet and go to the grotto on the little island at the southern end of Mort Myre Swamp before the long windy road to Mort'ton. The nature spirit there will enchant your scateurs to magic ones.

9. After you received your magic scateurs go to Zanaris and get your armor, food or/and prayer potions and head to the Cosmic altar. Right by the ruins should be a small gap in the wall. Climb through and continue until you arrive in a big room with the lvl 111 Tanglefoot. Now equip your magic scateurs and kill the Tanglefoot(melee protect if you got the potions). Note that the higher your farming lvl, the higher you can hit with the scateurs.

Now after you killed it, pick up the queen's scateurs it drops and go back to the throne room. Talk to the fairy godfather and...




The magic scateurs you get after the quest will still have its magical abilities. When weilded its suppose to give better crop yields, less disease and less deaths to your farming crops. Also, there is an additional cash reward from Martin but he will tell you that he will get the money later when his crops grow.