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   Fairy Tales Part 2 - (Cure a Queen) Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Talk to Martin the Master Farmer in Draynor Village.

Required Skills: 57 Herblore, 49 Farming, 40 Thieving

Required Quests: A Fairy Tale Part I - (Growing Pains)

Required Items: Dramen Staff, Pestle and Mortar, Vial of Water, Armor, Weapons, Food, Teleportation.

Reward: 3,500 Herblore Xp, 2,500 Thieving Xp, Use of Fairy Rings, XP Lamp that gives 2,500 xp to any skill, and the ability to make Magic Essence, which raises Magic by 3 without the side effects of ale.

Fairy Tales Part 2 - (Cure a Queen) Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Martin in Draynor Village and he will tell you to wait until his crops grow. So wait about 5 minutes and talk to him again. He will tell you that you didn't sort out the crop problem.

  2. Now take your Dramen Staff and go to Zanaris. Try to talk to the fairy Godfather and he will ignore you so go to Fairy Nuff's healing area from the first quest which is located by the bank. When you arrive you will see a short cutscene of the whole place and know that someone trashed it earlier.

    Search the area and take the Healing certificate. Now go talk to the Fairy Godfather and use every option. When your done he will tell you to talk to a fairy coodinator by the fairy rings.

  3. Go to the Fairy Ring southwest of the grain field and talk to the fairy there. She will tell you a bit about the fairy rings. You have to wear a dramen staff to use one and when you activate one you will need to type in a 3 letter code which takes you somewhere.

  4. Now by the Zanaris bank you will see a small area with a range and a cook. Show the certificate you found earlier to the cook and she will tell you to look by the Cosmic Altar. Now head to the Cosmic Altar, Using agility shortcuts if you can. When you arrived at the altar ruins, Read the sign to the south.

    After you done so, head to a fairy ring.

  5. Now go to these coordinates in order (they have to be in order to work). AIR, DLR, DJQ and AJS and you will arrive in what looks to be a secret fairy military base. Talk to Fairy Nuff in the northeast corner. After a while, a fairy called Fairy Very Wise(lol) will come over and talk to you. She will tell you that the Godfather has enlisted Orcs and she will tell you to get the scateurs back from the Godfather.

  6. Go back into the throne room and pickpocket the Godfather, You should try to position yourself so the two guards don't see you. If you get caught you will be teleported outside of Zanaris.

    When you have succesfully pickpocketed the scateurs. Head back to the secret fairy area and give the scateurs to Fairy Nuff. But it dosen't work so she suggests that you make a Magic Essence potion by putting a starflower in a vial of water and then adding a grinded Gorak's claw.

  7. To save you time from figuring out where to exactly go to get the ingredients. Here it is, Get your armor, weapon and food and use the code DIR and you will be teleported to an area with lots of lvl 145 monsters(Gorak). Kill one to get a Gorak claw and take the ring back.

  8. Now use the fairy ring again and type in the code CKP and you will be brought into a strange area. Wait a while and then pick up a starflower nearby. Note that you might need to wait a while or walk around until it appears. After you picked one return to Zanaris.

  9. As said before, first put a starflower into a vial of water then add a grinded Gorak's Claw. After you have made the potion talk to Fairy Nuff and use it with the Fairy Queen. After she is recovered, you will have a talk and...

Congratu lations! Quest Complete!

The Exp lamp you get after the quest gives 2.5k to any skill of your choice.
Also after the quest you will be given access to fairy rings. There are 64 Coordinates in total and 31 bring you around Zanaris, the other 33 though will bring you somewhere else. Many are known places but many are either deserted islands, new realms or new areas.

aip = Zanaris
ais = Zanaris
air = Small island East of Necromancer, Southeast of Ardougne
aiq = Mudskipper island

alp = Zanaris
als = inside McGrubor's wood
alr = Abyss
alq = Zanaris

akp = Zanaris
aks = South Feldip Hills
akr = Zanaris
akq = Zanaris

ajp = Zanaris
ajs = Little penguin island North of "cip" (North Miscellania)
ajr = Near the golden apple tree, East Fremmenik.
ajq = Zanaris

bip = Island in middle of lake Salve
bis = Inside Unicorn cage at Ardougne Zoo
bir = Zanaris
biq = East of Kalphite Lair

blp = Tz-haar City
bls = Zanaris
blr = Next to Legends' Guild
blq = Zanaris

bkp = South of Castlewars, West of Jiggig (west of Gu'Tanoth, ogre city)
bks = Zanaris
bkr = Morytania swamp, not far Southeast of gate
bkq = Centaur Valley

bjs = Zanaris
bjp = Zanaris
bjr = The Holy Grail Kingdom
bjq = Zanaris

cip = Miscellania
cis = Zanaris
cir = Zanaris
ciq = South of Tree Gnome Village Mage, West of Yanille

clp = Small island, South of Draynor Village
cls = Hazelmere's island East of Yanille
clr = Zanaris
clq = Zanaris

ckp = Bub's cosmic land
cks = Mushroom patch West of Canifis
ckr = West of Shilo Village
ckq = Zanaris

cjp = Zanaris
cjs = Zanaris
cjr = A little East of "djr" (just a bit closer to Sinclair Mansion)
cjq = Zanaris

dip = Zanaris
dis = Wizards' tower
dir = Gorak plane
diq = Zanaris

dlp = Zanaris
dls = Cave of Myreque
dlr = Island in Toxic waste
dlq = Next to desert lizards, Northeast of Pollivneach, across river elid

dkp = Northeast Karamja, North of the Lion
dks = Zanaris
dkr = Over the river Lum, East of Edgeville
dkq = Zanaris

djp = Necromancer's house, South of Ardougne
djs = Zanaris
djr = West of Sinclair Mansion (North of Seer's Bank)
djq = Zanaris