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   Slug Menace Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park

Required Skills: 30 Crafting, 30 Runecrafting, 30 Thieving, 30 Slayer

Required Quests: Sea Slug, Wanted

Required Items: CommOrb (from Wanted), 5 Essence (Normal or Pure), 1 Chisel, 1 Swamp Paste, [Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind talisman (elemental works and abyss)], Teleportation, Armor, Weapon,and Food.

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 3,500 Crafting XP, 3,500 Runecrafting XP, 3,500 Thieving XP, and Promotion to Proselyte.

Slug Menace Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. To start the quest talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien who is sitting down in Falador Park. Make sure you have a CommOrb with you. Ask him to give you new assignments, and he will send you to Witchhaven to speak with Col. O'Naill. He will also upgrade your CommOrb, and you'll have to carry it at all times.

  2. Teleport to Ardougne and head southeast to Witchhaven. Col. O'Naill should be at the pier northeast of the town sitting down at his rocking chair.

    Talk to him and ask all the questions then he'll tell you to question the villagers about the strange occurences that happened before. He will recommend that you speak with the Mayor Brother Benedict and Holgart the Fisherman.

  3. First head to the Northwest side of the town and talk to the mayor in his building. Ask him all the questions. After you are done with all the options, Savant from the other side of the CommOrb will tell you to scan the mayor. Do so and move on. Note that you might need to talk to him again to get Savant to automatically talk to you.

  4. After talking to the mayor go to the Chapel and talk to Brother Benedict, and ask him all the questions as well.

  5. Finally, Talk to Holgart who is north of the village and report back to Col. O'Naill.

  6. Talk to Col. O'Naill, and he will tell you to investigate the Saradomin Shrine west of the village. Go west of the village and down into the ruins. By the Hobgoblins you should see a wall that you can push and enter through. Do so and enter through the opening.

  7. After you climbed through the wall you will find youself in a huge passageway/room. Follow the passageway until you reach the end, using agility shortcuts if neccessary. When you arrive at the end you will see these huge imposing doors.

    Savant will ask you to scan them for him. After the scan he will tell you to bring a transcript to Jorral who is located northwest of Ardougne. Also take the dead sea slug.

  8. Head all the way northwest of Ardougne following the northern wall of Plague City west, until you see a building. That is the Outpost Jorral is located at. Talk to him, and at first he will refuse to translate, but then Savant will help out.

    After Jorral translate the transcript, Savant will speak with you again. He will tell you that the strange occurences are caused by an evil called Mother Mallum, and he wants you to go back to Witchhaven to talk to the villagers.

  9. Head back to Witchhaven and first report to Col. O'Naill. He will tell you to speak to Brother Benedict. Go back to the chapel and you will witness a short cutscene. After the cutscene is over talk to Brother Benedict and he will ask you to find the 3 missing pages of the Holy Book of Saradomin.

    Page Locations

    Page 1- Located in the Mayor's study desk.

    Page 2- Head to the Fishing Store and Ezekial Lovecraft will give you it when you talk to him.

    Page 3- Talk to Col O'Naill and he will give you the page, but in fragments because someone tore it earlier. He suggests swamp paste. Use swamp paste with the fragments and Savant will tell you to ask someone to use the dead sea slug you made earlier to make it into a type of glue. Talk to Jeb and travel to the fishing platform where you should talk to Bailey. Give him the dead s ead slug you found earlier, and he will make a glue for you. Use it on the fragments and use the arrows and keys to glue together the page.

  10. After you have gotten all 3 pages fixed, you will need to craft some special runes to enter the imposing doors (as said on the pages). With Rune or Pure essence in your inventory use the page options to shape the essence. Then bring the blank shaped essence to their respective altars and charge them. Note that extras might be needed as in both processes your ess can break.

  11. When you have made and charged all 5 special runes, go back to the imposing wall from earlier on. Use all the runes with the wall to trigger a cutscene. A battle will follow afterwards.

    The Slug Prince is immune to all magic and ranged attacks so he can only be killed by melee, but he is relatively weak, which should make it quite an easy battle.

    After you have killed the Slug Prince, you will see yet another cutscene. After that you will be teleported to Sir Tiffy. Talk to him and...

  12. Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    After you have completed the quest you will be promoted to the Proselyte rank. Which means you will have access to another set of armor.

    Proselyte Sallet (Helm) - 8,000gp
    Proselyte Hauberk (Platebody) - 12,000gp
    Proselyte Cuisse(Platelegs)/Tasset(Plateskirt) - 10,000gp
    Male/Female Package - 25,000gp

    The armor has stats equal to adamantite and gives a nice +17 prayer boost.