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   Recipe for Disaster Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Very Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to Cook in the Lumbridge Castle Kitchen

Required Skills: Level 70 Cooking, Level 20 Firemaking, Level 48 Agility, and must have at least 175 quest points.

Required Quests: Must have completed the Cooks Assistant Quest, Fishing Contest Quest, Goblin Diplomacy Quest, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Biohazard, Demon Slayer, Murder Mystery, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, Restless Ghost, Witch's House, Gertrudes Cat, Shadow of the Storm, Lost City, Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure, and the Horror from the Deep quests. Must have started the Legends quest.

Required Items: Eye of Newt, Rotten tomato, Greenman's ale, 2 Lemons, Orange, Pineapple, Cocktail glass, Cocktail shaker, Knife, Ashes, 221gp, 3 Buckets of milk, 2 Pots of flour, Egg, 2 Bowls of water, 4 Asgarnian ales, Ice gloves, Charcoal, Spice or Gnome spice, 1 Fishing bait, 2 Bread, Orange slices, any Dye other than orange, red, or yellow, 3 Bronze wires, Needle, Fishbowl, Pestle and mortar, Raw cod, Egg, Cake tin, Kitten/Cat/Wily/Lazy Cat, lots of Stews (you can buy at the Seers village pub for 20gp each), Axe, Pickaxe, Any ogre bow, Any ogre/brutal arrows, Iron spit (smith with an iron bar), Log, Tinderbox, Ogre bellows, Ball of wool, Pot of cream, Raw sweetcorn, Hatchet, Machete, Pot, Raw chicken, Dramen staff, Anti-dragonbreath shield, Weapon and Armour (recommended), Prayer potions (recommended), Rope, M'speak Amulet, 3 Greegrees (Ninja/Archer, Guard, and Zombie), Antipoison (recommended), and some Super Restore potions (recommended). Optional item is Ring of Charos (u).

Reward: 10 Quest Points,10,000 Agility exp (King Awowogei), 28,000 Cooking exp(All Subquests give some xp),3,500 Crafting exp (1,000 Goblins, 1,000 Pirate Pete, 1,500 Skrach),1,000 Farming exp (Goblins),1,000 Fishing: (Pirate Pete),4,000 Hit Points exp (Sir Amik Varze),2,500 Magic exp (Lumbridge Guide),1,500 Ranging exp (Skrach),1,000 Slayer exp (Dwarf),1,000 Smithing exp (Pirate Pete), 1,500 Woodcutting exp (Skrach),A Red Lamp that gives 20,000 exp to any skill over 50 of your choice (Final Battle), Ability to make Spicy Stew (Evil Dave), Ability to cast Teleport to Ape Atoll Spell, Ability to cook Stuffed Snake, Access to Monkey Agility Course (King Awowogei),Access to Mogre Camp, Ability to craft Crab Claw and Crab Helmet (Pirate Pete),Ability to hunt Jubbly birds (Skrach),Access to Evil Chicken's Lair (Sir Amik Varze), Access to the Culinaromancer's Chest

Recipe for Disaster Runescape Quest Walkthrough:

Part 1 - The Banquet (Another Cook's Quest)

Minimum Requirements:
-Must Have completed Cook's Assistant Quest
-Level 10 Cooking

Items Needed: Eye of Newt, Rotten Tomato, Greenman's Ale, 2 lemons, 1 orange, 1 pineapple, Cocktail glass, Cocktail shaker, Knife, Ashes.
  1. Go to Lumbridge Castle and talk to the Cook. He will tell you that the last time you helped him out (Cook's Assistant Quest) wasn't for the Duke's birthday but it was just to test your trust. This time however the cook has a huge task. He will need to hold the 100th Anniversary of a great banquet originally cooked by his ancestor and he will need to recreate it with your help. And of course he won't have the ingredients so you will need to get them.

  2. The cook will pay you 100gp to get him an Eye of Newt, a Rotten tomato, a 'Dirty Blast' drink and a glass of Greenman's Ale. All the items should be easy to get except the Greenman's Ale which is bought in the Yannile bar and the "Dirty Blast' drink that has to be made which will be explained in the next step.

  3. The 'Dirty Blast' drink is a gnome fruit blast drink with ashes added to it. And it has to be made and not bought from the gnome cocktail bar. To make the drink get a gnome cocktail shaker, a gnome cocktail glass, a knife, 2 lemons, 1 orange, 1 pineapple and 1 ashes. All the items can be bought at the gnome store except the ashes which is from firemaking.. Put the lemon, orange and pineapple into the shaker then mix it with the cocktail glass. Finish by putting in sliced lemons first and lastly ashes.

  4. Return to the cook with the items he requested and you will be invited to the feast. In other words, you are now done with the first part.

Part 2- The 8 Subquests

After you are done with the first part of the quest enter the northern door and into the banquet room where you will witness an amazing cutscene. No other details will be mentioned but when the cutscene is completed. You have a choice between the 8 subquests in which you inspect a certain NPC and talk to the gypsy.

SUBQUEST 1 (Mountain Dwarf)

-Must have completed Fishing Contest Quest

Items Needed: About 300gp, Any gloves or vamps, 1 flour, 1 egg, 1 bucket of milk, 1 bowl of water, Teleport runes(recomended), Ring of Charos(u)(Optional), Ice Gloves(optional but recomended).
  1. Inspect the Mountain dwarf and the gypsy will tell you to talk to his dad under White Wolf Mountain. Now go to the huge room located in the Underground passage between Catherby and Taverly underneath White wolf mountain and talk to the Dad there.

    He will refuse to give alot of information but he will hint about the 'Rising Sun' which is the Falador Bar.

  2. Go to the Falador bar and talk to the barmaid Kaylee there. Mention 'dwarves and ale' and she will tell you about a secret recipe. To get it you can either pay her 200gp or just use the power of the Ring of Charos(u). Either way after you get the secret recipe, buy a few Asgarnian Ales(up to 10) and put in your coins to turn them to Asgarnian Ales(g).

  3. Now get your handgear or ice gloves and a pot of flour, an egg, a bucket of milk, a bowl of water and the ales. Return to the underground passage and talk to the Dad again. This time give all the ales to the dwarf and he will now be so drunk he will be willing to make a rock cake for you. Hand him all the ingredients he needs and he will make the cake and put it on the table. It will be hot so now pick it up with your handgear or ice gloves.

  4. If you picked up the rock cake earlier with ice gloves then skip this step. But if you used some other handgear bring the cake with you to the Oracle mountain west of the monastery by the dwarven mines and kill a lvl 13 Ice fiend there. When he dies he will cool the cake.

  5. Bring the cooled down rockcake back to the banquet hall and you will have completed the Dwarven subquest.

Sub-Quest 2 (Goblin Generals)

Must have completed Goblin Diplomacy

Items Needed: Charcoal, Spices(gnome or normal), Bowl of water, 1 Bread, 1 Orange, any colored dye(except yellow or orange or red), 1 Fishing bait, 1 knife.
  1. Inspect the goblins and the gypsy will tell you to go to Goblin Village which is northwest of Falador on the f2p side of the fence. When you get there talk to the Goblin generals and ask them what their favorite food is. They won't tell you their favorite but will tell you to go away.

  2. Climb down the ladder nearby and talk to the Goblin Chef.

    He will ask you to get him a piece of charcoal for his recipe. Now give the charcoal to the chef and you will witness a funny cutscene of the Goblin chef's cooking.

  3. After the cutscene talk to the Chef and you will ask him for help. He will tell you to get some strange items such as orange slices that aren't orange, spicy maggots and bread that isn't crunchy. Now slice the orange you have and use the dye on them. Now use your bowl of water with the bread to make it soggy bread and use your spices with the fishing bait you have.

  4. Give the items to the Chef and he will make a 'Slop of Compromise' which is the favorite food item of the Goblin Generals. After that go back to the banquet hall and you will have completed the Goblin subquest.

Sub-Quest 3 (Pirate Pete)

Level 31 Cooking

Items Needed: Fishbowl, Pestle and mortar, 1 raw cod, 1 bread, 1 knife, 1 needle, 3 bronze wi res.
  1. Inspect Pirate Pete and the gypsy will tell you to make a fishcake to save him. But since she isn't a cook go talk to the cook in the next room and ask him what he remembers about saving Pirate Pete. In addition ask him about making fishcakes and how to get all the ingredients. The ingredients are ground cod, breadcrumbs, kelp and grounded giant crab meat.

  2. Use a knife with the bread to make bread crumbs and use the pestle and mortar and cod to make ground cod. Now you will needs to get giant crab meat and some kelp.

  3. Now go to Port Khazard which is northeast of Yannile or southeast of Ardougne. Talk to Murphy(from Trawler minigame) twice and then he will make you some diving gear to five with. Equip the diving items and talk to Murphy for a dive(note that you have to be carrying 27kg or less nor any type of cat).

  4. When you descend into the water start by picking some kelp nearby then afterwards swimming towards the crab cage guarded by the Morgres.

  5. Talk to Nung and he will ask you to get him 5 mudskipper skins from some mudskippers located in a nearby cavern.

  6. Swim to the Northwestern area of where you started and pick up 5 rocks then enter the underwater cavern. While in there kill 5 mudskippers and take their skins.

    After you gotten them all go back to Nung and he will request 3 bronze wire and 1 needle and the skins for the crabs. After you get the items and give it to Nung you are free to enter the crab pen.

  7. Enter the Crab pen and kill a crab for crab meat. As a bonus you can also get crab shells and claws which can be crafted into weildable crab hats and claws. But they are very fragile and can break while being crafted. After you get the meat get back to Lumbridge and ground the kelp and crabmeat. Talk to the cook with all the ingredients.

  8. The cook will tell you to use all the ingredients together and cook them to make a fishcake. So do so and after that go into the banquet room and use the fishcakes to Pirate Pete and you will have done the Pirate Pete subquest.

Sub-Quest 4 (Lumbridge Guide)

Level 40 Cooking
-Must have completed Big Chompy Bird Hunting
-Must have completed Biohazard Quest
-Must have completed Demon Slayer
-Must have completed Murder Mystery
-Must have completed Nature Spirit
-Must have completed Priest in Peril
-Must have completed Restless Ghost
-Must have completed Witch's House

Items Needed: 1 Pot of flour, 1 egg, 1 bucket of milk, 1 cake tin, lots of memorization of items and knowledge on runescape.
  1. Inspect the Lumbridge guide and the gypsy will tell you to make a 'cake of guidance' to free him. And for more details on that you will need to talk to Trailborn the wizard in wizard tower. Now get the the pot of flour, the egg, the bucket of milk and the cake tin and head to the second floor of Wizard's tower located south of Draynor village.

  2. Talk to Trailborn and he will agree to help you but he will request some basic ingredients with weird names which are a floury woury, eggy peggy and some milky wilky. But still you will interpret them as enchanted flour, egg and milk.To enchant all the items you will need to answer questions to each one and these questions will test on your knowledge of runescape, its lands, skills and its people.

  3. To enchant the egg you will need to answer questions to identify what person is 'hatched from the egg'. It is different for every player. And even if your not getting them right try again and eventually you will get it.

  4. To enchant the milk you will need to answer geographical and general questions about runescape and its places and skills. They are different for every player once again. And its a good idea if you can open up a world map or have the runescape manual open while you do this.

  5. To enchant the flour you will need to enter an item memorization game. You are shown 10 items and after you close the window you will be asked a question regarding the items. Once again they are different for every player. And it helps alot if you can write down the items you see or take a screenshot.

  6. After you get all the items enchanted. Get a cake tin and mix all the ingredients together. Bake it to make a cake of guidance. Use the cake of guidance with the Lumbridge guide back in the banquet hall and you will have completed the Lumbridge Guide subquest.

Sub-Quest 5 (Evil Dave)

-Level 25 Cooking
-Must have completed Gertrudes Cat
-Must have completed Shadow of the Storm

Items Needed: A type of cat (except overgrown and a kitten is not recomended), lots of stews (make them or buy from seers bar 20gp each).
  1. Inspect Evil Dave and the gypsy will tell you that to free him you will need to make a stew that is seasoned in a certain way. The gypsy will also tell you that Evil Dave lives in Edgeville with his mother in his mother's house basement (lol!).

  2. Get to the house west of the Edgeville bank and talk to Evil Dave's mom named Doris. Ask Doris if Dave is in and tell her that your one of his evil friends. Now go downstairs into the basement and talk to Evil Dave to try to get the recipe.

    He will tell you that he likes the ones his mom, Doris makes. Now go back up, talk to Doris and she will tell you that the spices used in the stew were stolen by the hell-rats. So you will have to kill them to get the spices.

  3. Go back into the basement and start catching hell rats. Try to use a cat or better(not overgrown nor kitten) to catch the hellrats because the others either don't catch rats or have bad chances of catching rats. Every rat you kill will drop one of 4 types of spice.Yellow, Brown, Red, Orange. The stew your suppose to make is suppose to have a certain number of each spice.

    Here's how you can get the right spices:
    3a. First get about 9 doses of each spice, and have 16 stews in your inventory.

    3b. Pick a color of spice and test it with the stew in amounts of 1, 2 and 3. Then let Evil Dave taste it. When he says ' hmm.. I think you got the amount of one spice right and the others are wrong' then you will know you have the correct amount of that spice. Write down the amount you used.

    3c. Repeat steps 3b with the last 3 colored spices and write down as done. When you get all the correct numbers. Mix them into a stew and let Evil Dave taste it. You get the final ok when Evil Dave mentions that the stew is very evil and he dosen't eat it.

    - When yo u catch a certain number of hell-rats your kitten/cat/wiley/lazy cat will turn into a hell-cat.
    - Hellcats are no different then the normal version of your cat except it looks much different.
    - To change a hellcat back to normal, feed it a bucket of milk.

  4. When you have gotten the correct spicy stew(and maybe a hellcat) return to the banquet hall and use the spicy stew with Evil Dave and you will have completed the Evil Dave subquest.

Sub-Quest 6 (Skrach Uglogwee)

-Level 41 Cooking
-Level 20 Firemaking
-Must have completed Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Items Needed: Ogre bow (normal or composite), Ogre/Brutal arrows (any), Ogre bellows (from big chomby quest), Iron spit (made from iron bar), log, tinderbox, 3 balls of wool.
  1. Inspect Skrach and the gypsy will try to discourage you from rescuing him mainly because the only one who knows how to get Skrach's favorite food(jubbly bird) is the most confusing npc in runescape and that would be Rantz of the Big Chomby quest in Feldip Hills. Still, agree to help Skrach and go to Feldip hills.

  2. Talk to Rantz and agree to help him out so you can get the Jubbly birds. He will direct you to go southeast to talk to him again in which he will give more details. So now go southeast to the willow trees and you will see Rantz next to an old tree.

    He needs to make a boat to go to Karamja so he will knock down the old tree and you will need to use an axe with it twice to make it a rather crude boat. He will tell you to cook a chomby on Karamja and he will shoot and arrow to the spot on Karamja where you have to be.

  3. Now hunt for a chomby bird. Use your bellows on the swamp gases then the toads around for bloated toads. Then place all your bloated toads on an area in Feldip hills. And when a chomby comes over, kill it and take its meat.

  4. Now head to Tai Bwo Winnai Village which is located in Karamja south of Brimhaven. Walk alongside the west coast until you see a single tree with an arrow on it. Now stand there and cook a chomby using your spit and logs. Afterwards, You will enter a short cutscene and take the boat carried by Rantz's children back to the spot where you made the crude boat.

    Now your back, Ask Rantz on how to catch Jubbly birds and he will tell you that you need baloon toads.

  5. To get the baloon toads you will require your pickaxe, balls of wool and the bellows again. First off, mine 3 rocks east of Rantz's cave. Next, Get some swamp gas again and fill up the toads to the extent that they become baloons. Lastly, tie them to the rocks you mined earlier with balls of wool. When you get your baloon toads find an empty spot on Feldip Hills and put the toads down. And after moving away for a bit, the Jubbly birds will fly down and get the bait. Now kill one, pluck it and take the meat.

  6. Since the Jubbly bird is too big for your spit, you can use Rantz's one. Now after you cooked the Jubbly bird head back to the banquet room, Use it on Skarch and you will have completed the Skarch Uglogwee subquest.

Sub-Quest 7 (Sir Amik Varze)

-Must have completed The Lost City
-Must have started Legends quest
-Must be able to defeat a level 227 monster

Items Needed: Pot of Cream, Bucket of milk, Raw sweetcorn(buy or farm), Woodcut axe, Machete, A pot, Raw chicken, Dramen branch(can also get from sub) Dramen Staff(to enter Zanaris), Antidragonfire shield, Pestle and mortar, Ice Gloves, Weapon, Armor, Prayer potions(optional).
  1. Inspect Sir Amik Varze and the Gypsy will tell you that you will need to get a Creme Brulee...Supreme. But since she isn't a cook, she will tell you to speak with the one next door. Now talk to the Cook and ask him to remind you on how you saved Sir Amik Varze and he will tell you all about how you made the Creme Brulee Supreme.

  2. Use a bucket of milk with a pot of cream to make a milky mixture. Now get some raw sweetcorn, a pot and go to the windmill to make some cornflour. Now mix the cornflour and the milky mixture to make a cornflour mixture.

  3. Now get a hatchet and a machete and enter the Kharazi jungle south of Shilo Village. Head to the south beach and pick a vanilla plant and add that to your cornflour mixture to make an incomplete Brulee.

  4. Now for the cinamon. Cinamon is made by grinding a Dramen Branch. So take your pestle and mortar, teleportation, food and go to Entrana. Make sure you don't bring any weapons or armor. Enter the dungeon you entered during the Lost City quest which is the one northwest of Entrana harbour. Kill zombies until you get a hatchet, then run through the greaters to the Dramen tree. Cut the tree for a branch, grind it for cinamon and teleport out of there(if you didn't bring anything to teleport with take the door by greaters to mid level wilderness).

  5. Now go to Draynor Village and ask the Wise Old Man about strange beasts then Evil Chicken. He will tell you a story.

    After his story, get your weapon, armor, antifire shield, food or/and potions, raw chicken, Dramen staff and your mixture.

  6. Go to the shed located in the Lumbridge swamps, equip your Dramen staff and enter. You will be teleported to Zanaris. After checking to make sure you have all the items, use a raw chicken with the Evil Chicken shrine nearby and you will be transported to the lair of the Evil chicken. Run past all the Black Dragons to the other end of the lair and kill the Evil Chicken with protect with magic prayer on(level varies like the random). Once you kill it, take its egg and add it to the Brulee.

  7. Now kill a Black Dragon. Either with magic, ranged, halbred or normal melee with prayer. The whole lair has many curves and such on the sides for easy hiding spots. Just watch out for the dragonbreath and your health when you attack one. When you have killed a Black Dragon, pick up the token it drops and leave the lair to a bank.

  8. At a bank, withdraw your ice gloves and cinammon. Use the cinammon with the Brulee to complete it. But to finish cooking it you will need a powerful dragon fire. So now, Wear your ice gloves and rub the token you got earlier to call a Fairy Dragon. Ask him to flame your Cream Brulee to make it a Cream Brulee Supreme.

    Go back to the banquet hall, Use the Brulee with Sir Amik Varze and you will have completed the perilious Sir Amik Varze Miniquest.

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Sub-Quest 8 (Awowogei-Monkey King)

-Level 70 Cooking
-Level 48 Agility
-Must have completed Monkey Madness

Items Needed: Rope, M'Speak Amulet, 3 Monkey Gregrees(Ninja/Archer, Guard, Zombie), Weapon, 5gp, Knife, Pestle and Mortar, Food, Antipoison.
  1. Inspect Awowogei and the gypsy will have no idea of what type of food he likes. So you will need to speak to his form on Ape Atoll. Note that the cook next door won't mention anything as well. Now bring all the items and head to Ape atoll.

  2. When you arrive at Ape Atoll, head to the King's building which is located directly south of the Ape temple. Talk to the King and ask him about what his favorite food is. He won't tell you but he will hint about the 3 monkeys which are located in a corner of the temple north of the King's building.

  3. Go to the temple and talk to any of the 3 monkeys on the northwest corner.

    They will tell you that King Awowogei's favorite food is a roasted giant snake stuffed with monkey nuts and a banana which can be found in the normal places. Now go buy monkey nuts and banana from the Monkey food store and then go back to Crash Island which is the island right before Ape Atoll and head east. Put on melee protect and enter the pit. Kill any of the lvl 84 Big snakes and pick up the corpse it drops.

    Now leave and return to Ape Atoll.

  4. Go back to the 3 monkeys you saw earlier. Show them the monkey nuts and the banana you got and they will after some conflict tell you that they are the wrong ones and you will need a Red banana and some Tchiki nuts. The Red bananas which are found on the western part of the Island and the Tchiki nuts which can be found through lots of undergrowth.

  5. To get the Red bananas, Go to the west coast of the island and while in guard monkey form. Use a rope with the Red banana tree and you will get one.

    And to get the Tchiki Nuts, you will need to go around the Ape Atoll gate to the Monkey Agility course, go to the top, climb down the hole and get the Tchiki Nuts.

    After you have gotten the Tchiki Nuts and Red bananas, Give them to the 3 Monkeys to confirm and they will eat it. Which would mean its correct and you will need to get some more Red Bananas and Tchiki Nuts.

  6. When you have finally gotten the other set of Tchiki nuts and the Red Banana. It is time to prepare the dish. Talk to the 3 monkeys and slice your Red Banana and grind your monkey nuts and stuff them into the Snake. Now go down 2 flights below the trapdoor east of the temple and enter the hole. As a zombie monkey walk past the floor and use your stuffed snake with the rock to cook it.

    After you have cooked the Snake, Return to the banquet hall, Use the stuffed snake with Awowogei and you will have completed King Awowogei's Subquest.

Part 3- The Culinaromancer's Showdown

-175 Quest points
-Must have completed all subquests listed above
-Must have completed Desert Treasure
-Must have completed Horror From The Deep
-Ability to fight tough, high level enemies

After you have freed all the NPCs from their frozen selves. You will enter a short cutscene in which a portal will be opened allowing you to enter the Culinaromancer's dimension and finish him once and for all.

First off, when you enter the portal. Prayer is turned off. Secondly, the monsters will come one after another until you finish them. And Lastly, you will be able to leave the dimension either to flee or bank and when you come back you will be back at the monster you were fighting. It is suggested to bank after every monster.

Agrith-Na-Na (lvl 146)

Items: Weapon, armor, lots of food, ranged(optional), Ring of Life.

Agrith-Na-Na uses melee to fight and to kill him melee is best used, but stab weapons(daggers, arrows, etc.) are said to work better then others. But either way will work and you will eventually kill it. When you kill him, he will drop a banana. Afterwards bank if needed.

Flambeed (lvl 149)

Items: Weapon (Halbred optional), Armor, Ice Gloves, Ranged(optional), Super set (optional),lots of Food.

Flambeed uses melee and an occasional special that will unequip your weapon if you don't have ice gloves worn so it is recomended to wear Ice gloves to fight Flambeed or you will have a very hard time. He is best fought at a distance(hence hally or ranged) but can be easily taken out in close combat. When you kill him, he will drop 5 cakes in an L formation. Afterwards bank if needed.

Karamel (lvl 136)

Items: Weapon, Magic resistant armor, ranged(optional), Fire magic, Several normal or super restore potions, Ring of life.

Karamel uses both magic and melee. But most of the time, magic and his melee hardly ever hits. Karamel's magic is an ice spell that will freeze you for a while in a distance and drains some of your stats, your special bar and run energy. Keep him at close combat at all times when using melee because his magic is most dangerous at long distances and you should be fine if your using ranged or fire magic. Drink your restores so your stats don't get too low. When you kill Karamel, it will drop a choc-ice. Afterwards, bank if needed.

Dessourt (lvl 121)
Items: Melee armor, A fast weapon, Lots of food, Ring of life.

Dessourt uses melee and does an occasional ranged attack that will do up to double 5 damage on you. He is easily defeated with a fast melee weapon. After you kill him. You should bank for the last battles.

Gelatinnoth Mother (lvl 130)

Items: Some Air spells(blast or wave), Some Water spells (blast or wave), Some Earth spells (blast or wave), Some Fire spells (blast or wave), magic with melee armor, Melee weapon, Bow and arrows, Lots of food, Ring of life, super set (optional).

This Gelatinoth Mother is the power version of the Dagganoth Mother from the Horror from the Deep quest. In addition, this one like the other will change colors during the course of the fight and you will need to damage it with a certain form of combat. The Gelatinnoth Mother uses ranged with melee and becaus e of that you should wear armor with a high defense but still have a magic boost. Here is the list of colors and the method you should use, the changes will appear in the chat box and there is no definite order to the appearance of colors.

White - Air spells
Blue - Water spells
Orange - Melee attacks
Brown - Earth spells
Red - Fire spells
Green - Range attacks

After a long fight with the Gelatinnoth Mom you can either stay or bank.

Culinaromancer (lvl 75)
Items: Weapon, Armor, lots of food, Ring of life.

After you have defeated all the monsters, the Culinaromancer himself will try to kill you. Although he is lvl 75 and the weakest of all the monsters you had to kill. He can hit high damages with his magic(up to 24s) but has low defense. He is very similar to a pure. So he will be easy to kill if you watch your health.

After you killed him you will enter a cutscene and soon after...

Congratulations! You've just beaten the 100th quest in Runescape!

In addition to all the rewards you get as a result of the subquests you will get a 20k exp lamp which works like a genie lamp except it gives 20,000 exp to a skill over lvl 50. Also the Culinaromancer's Chest, its a chest that sells a bunch of foods, new weaponry and new items which are the armored gloves.