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   Soul's Bane, A Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Talk to Launa at the Rift Entrance, Northwest of the Digsite

Required Skills: None

Required Quests: None

Required Items: Rope. Antipoison, Food, Armour, and a Weapon are recommended

Reward: 1 Quest point, 500 Defence XP, 500 Hitpoints XP, 500 Gold coins, and access to the Dungeon of Tolna

Soul's Bane, A Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. To start the quest go northwest of the Digsite. Talk to Launa by the rift to start. She will tell you that her son and husband have dissapeared down the rift. Offer to help and she will tell you to use a rope to get down.

  2. Use a rope with the rift and climb down. You will witness a shortcutscene and you will end up in the Room of Anger with an angry bear, unicorn, goblin and rat and there will be a weapons rack nearby. Now you will need to kill the monsters with a certain weapon to raise the rage bar. Note that you will do some rather unbelievable high damage.

  3. Here is what you use to kill each of the monsters.

    For the Unicorn use the sword

    For the Rat use the mace

    For the Bear use the spear

    For the Goblin use the battleaxe

    These monsters will hardly hit, and after killing multiples of them and maxing out your rage bar, you will do a weird special attack that will wipe out everything at once.

  4. You will witness a cutscene after the special attack. Head through the door and you will enter the Room of Fear for another cutscene. After that, look into every black hole and kill the Fear Reapers that pop up occasionally (if not, then repeat).

    After you kill 5 you can now go through the western black hole to the next room, in which you will witness another cutscene.

  5. After the cutscene is finished you will be in the Room of Confusion with alot of confusing doors, and a confusion beast. Kill one, and if you can't hit it then it's an illusion. Then run to attack another one. They do ranged and melee attacks and do lvl 1 poison.

    When you kill one a confusion door will dissapear. Keep killing more Confusion monsters until all the doors have dissapeared until one. Enter the remaining door to witness a cutscene.

  6. After the cutscene is finished you will find yourself in the Room of Hopelessness. To pass this room, Kill all the Hopeless Creatures 3 times in which they will shrink each time.

    In the end a bridge will appear. Cross it and through the exit to witness a cutscene.

  7. After the cutscene is finished you will have to kill Tolna, he has 3 lvl 46 heads and they all will hit you rapidly. But watch your health and kill them one by one.

In the end talk to normal Tolna and...

Congratulations! Quest Complete!