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   Elemental Workshop II Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500, Steve, and Zero

Corrections/Additions: Steve

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Search the bookcases and read a Beaten Book at the Exam Center at the Digsite.

Required Skills: 20 magic, 30 smithing

Required Quests: Elemental Workshop I

Required Items: Battered Key, Hammer, Pickaxe, and 2 Elemental bars (make using 8 Coal and 2 Elemental ores). Teleport runes to Camelot are also recommended.

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 7500 Smithing XP, 7500 Crafting XP, and the Ability to make and equip elemental mind equipment.

Elemental Workshop II Runescape Quest Walkthrough:

Part 1: Starting the Quest
  1. Go to the Digsite Exam Center southeast of Varrock. Search all the bookshelves until you get a Beaten Book with study notes inside. Read them. Make sure you have the book and notes for the entire quest.

  2. Teleport, or make your way to Seers Village. Follow the directions on the study notes you found in the book earlier to get a key, starting from the square you are standing in. The first number is the steps, and the letter is the direction (n = north s = south w = west e = east). As soon as you step down the stairs, you will arrive at a machinery in the northern room. After you've obtained the key, open the door in the center of the workshop and enter.

  3. When you enter the "secret workshop" on the main, and top floor, search every crate in the room and you should get a small cog, medium cog, large cog, crane schematic and lever schematic.

Part 2: Fixing up the Machines

For Reference, here's a map of the entire Elemental Workshop.

  1. Fixing the Crane: Head up the center stairs and make an elemental claw out of an elemental bar. To obtain the bar, mine the ore, and an earth elemental will attack you. Smelt the ore with 4 coal to obtain the bar. Use the right lever to lower the crane, fix it, and pull the same lever to raise it back up.

  2. Fixing the Wind Tunnel: Use the cogs with the relevent pins. The large one goes on it's own, and the small one on top of the medium one.

  3. Fixing the Water Tank: Hea d to the upper level. In the northern part, there will be a secion of piping that has a hole in it. Use the pipe section found eralier on it to fix it.

  4. Fixing the Press Head: On the upper level, in the west area, you'll find a junction box. Open it up. Connect the 6 pipes with each other, using the connectors shown on the right part of the screen. To attempt a connection simply highlight any pipe and highlight another. You can also detach them the same way. If you want to check one of your connections, go to the lower level and pull the lever underneath the junction.

Part 3: Machinery
  1. After you've fixed everything in the room, make an elemental bar in the upper workshop. Go back down and pull the lever at the center of the room. This will move the cart around. Now wait until the cart is aligned with the crane lever before pulling the right crane lever. Now put your elemental bar on the cart and pull the right lever twice to carry the bar with the crane. Now pull the levers left, right, right, left and right twice again to leave your heated orange bar back on the cart.

  2. Pull the lever at the center to move the cart. When it gets aligned with the lever under the junction pipe earlier, pull it to use the press to flatten your orange bar.

  3. Now head over to the water tank and open the door with the lever. Next, extend the rack with the corkscrew lever. Now pull the lever at the center to move the cart and use the lever in front of the watertank to align it. Now, use the corkscrew lever to bring the cart into the tank and close the door. Open the left valve to let the water into the tank, and then the right valve to drain them. Your bar should be blue. Open the door and extend the rack. Bring it back in, then close the door.

  4. Pull the middle lever and then use the lever in front of the wind tunnel to align it with the fan. Your bar should turn.

  5. Pull the middle lever to move the cart back to the crane and take the primed bar from the cart.

Part 4: Mental Energy
  1. After you have received your primed bar, head downstairs to the lowest level of the workshop. You'll see a hallway in which there are doors with magic rune symbols on them. Head into the Mind chamber.

  2. Use your primed bar with the extractor. Take a seat. Watch the cutscene. Soon after that, you'll recieve your primed mind bar... Note: By using the machine you will lose some magic levels. Go back to the main Workshop. Use the beaten book to make yourself a mind elemental helm.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

You can always repeat the method you used in the quest to make more primed bars, and even make another item (The Mind Elemental Shield). To make that you will need to have the battered book from the first Elemental Workshop Quest. Also, know that everytime you use the machine to make your Primed Mind Bar you will lose magic lvls. The Elemental Mind Helmet gives a +6 magic defense and the Elemental Mind Shield gives a +9 magic defense bonus.