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   Cook's Assistant Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Ged

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: Lumbridge Castle Kitchen

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 300 cooking exp, Permission to use the Lumbridge Castle Range.

Cook's Assistant Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to the Cook in Lumbridge Castle. He will tell you that he has forgotten some ingredients for the Duke's Birthday Cake. Accept his quest.

  2. Getting the flour:

    Take the pot on the shelf in the kitchen, and proceed east, walking towards Draynor Village.

    Continue west until you find a grain field. Take a piece of grain and walk inside the windmill. Climb up to the top floor, and use the grain on the chute. Operate the Hopper Controls and the flour will go down the chute, into the flour bin. Climb down to the bottom floor, and empty the flour bin. You cannot do this unless you have the pot. The pot will fill with flour.

  3. Getting the egg:

    Walk east towards Lumbridge, and cross the bridge leading towards Al-Kharid. Go to the little farm with all the chickens that is east of the cow pen. While your'e there, walk inside the house and take the bucket from the ground. Then go to the chicken house right outside and take an egg from the ground.

  4. Getting the milk:

    Now, walk east and into the cow pen. Left-click on the Dairy Cow to fill your bucket with milk.

  5. Go back to the cook, give him the ingredients, and accept your reward.

In case you need more help finding the items, here is a map pointing them all out: