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   Demon Slayer Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Pirate Bob

Corrections/Additions: 25 bones (regular), 1 coin

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: The Gypsy's tent in Varrock Square .

Required Items: 25 regular bones, 1 coin.

Reward: 3 qp, and the Silverlight sword, which weakens any type of demon .

Demon Slayer Runescape Quest Walkthrough:

  1. Talk to the Gypsy and pay her a coin to reveal the future to you. She will tell you that Delrith has been released, and only you can stop him. She tells you the history of Delrith, and eventually instructs you to see Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle. Before you leave, ask her what the magical incantation is.

  2. Go talk to Sir Prysin (inside the Varrock Castle). He is in the southwest end of the castle on the bottom floow. Ask him about Silverlight and he will say that you need 3 keys to unlock the chest containing Silverlight. He'll say you need to talk to Captain Rovin.

  3. Go upstairs to find Captain Rovin and talk to him. Eventually he will give you his key.

  4. The next key was Sir Prysin's, but he dropped it down the drain by accident. You will have to retrieve it.

  5. Go to the northeast end of the castle (the kitchen). Go upstairs to grab a bucket, and fill it from the sink downstairs in the kitchen.

  6. Walk outside the castle and find a drain. Use the bucket of water on the drain to flush out the key, and then run down into the sewers.

  7. Once in the sewer, take the northwest path until you reach a body of water that blocks your path. To the west you should see a pipe on the wall, and your key should be right near it on the ground.

  8. Here are a couple of pictures that show how to reach the key from the entrance of the sewers:

  9. Now for the third key: if you haven't already gotten your 25 bones, go collect them now. I suggest killing chickens since they are very easy to kill, and you can therefore get bones from them pretty fast.

  10. Walk all the way to the Wizards Tower (south of Draynor Village). Once you get there, go upstairs and talk to Wizard Trailborn to get your third key.

  11. Head back to Sir Prysin in the Varrock Castle and give him all 3 keys. He will hand over Silverlight, and now you can go kill Delrith.

  12. Leave Varrock by the south gate and walk east to the Dark Wizard's stone circle. Wield Silverlight and attack Delrith. He is extremely easy to kill, even though it says he's level 30. He about as hard as a level 15 monster. There will be a cool animation once you get him all the way to full red bar, and it will tell you to choose the correct incantation.

  13. Choose 'Carlem Aber Camerinthium Purchai Gabindo," and Delrith will die. If you choose the wrong one, you have to fight him again, and repeat until you get it right or run away.

  14. After Delrith is dead, the quest is over and you will recieve your 3 Quest Points.

  15. Congratulations! You have just finished Demon Slayer!