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   Rum Deal Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: The Peleton

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Talk to Pirate Pete north of Phasmatys

Reward: Holy Wrench, 7k Farming Xp, 7k Prayer Xp, 7k Fishing Xp.

Rum Deal Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Pete the Pirate, believe his sob story and accept to help him when asked, hw will knock you out and you will arrive at BrainDeath island.

  2. After viewing the cutscene speak to Captain Braindeath. HE will tell you about his factory and about the zombie protesters that are disrupting his produce.

  3. Captain Braindeath will ask you to farm some blindweed in the sole remaining patch. He will tell you that you can get some farming equipment in the basement.

  4. Go back up to the main level and go down the southern staircase, run past the zombie protesters and the zombie pirates and plant the seeds. Wait a few minutes killing the zombie pirates that attck you and your seed will be ready. Pick it and return to Captain Braindeath.

  5. The captain will tell you to place it in the hopper which is upstairs.

  6. Next you will need a bucket of stagnant water. Take the bucket nearby go down the stairs and head west, you will come to 50% Jack. Click to go through the gate to distract him. It may take some time if you do not have your ring of charos (u).

  7. Once through continue north and climb up the volcano, once at the top use your bucket with the water and return to Captain Braindeath. He will tell you to dump it into the hopper, do that and return to the captain.

  8. Now you must fish some Slugling using a tangled fishing net and bowl. The fishing spot is by the farming patch, you will need to fish 5 of them.

  9. Once you have them place them in the pressure valve by the hopepr and pull the lever.

  10. Go back to the captain, he will tell you of a spirit that is in the machinery, h will give you a wrench to bash them out. Go west and talk to davey he will enchant this wrench for you. Now bash the machinery and a lvl 150 spirit will appear, he is easy if you use protect from melee.

  11. Once killed, the captain wil lwant the corpse of a fever spider, put on your slayer gloves, go down to the basement and kill one. Place the corpse in the hopper

  12. Take an empty bucket and use it on the taps of the machinery on the same floor as captain braindeath.

  13. Take the rum and give it to Captain Donnie who is among the Zombie Pirates, you will find out that his boss is Rapid Jack go back to talk with the captain.