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   Imp Catcher Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Ged and Supercoolyo

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: Wizard's Tower, South of Draynor Village.

Required Skills: 28 combat recommended not to get attacked by scorpions (if you choose Karamja)

Required Items: 60gp (If you choose Karamja).

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 900 magic exp, Amulet of Accuracy

Imp Catcher Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Wizard Mizgog. He will tell you about he has lost his beads which are red, white, black and yellow. He will also tell you that Wizard Grayzag's imps have stolen the beads. Tell him that you will hunt them down and return the beads to him.

  2. Go to Port Sarim, and Pay Seaman Thesnor 30gp to sail to Karamja. Go to the volcano and kill imps until you get the 4 different colour beads. These dont drop very often, so be patient. Once you collect the 4 different beads, talk to the customs officer, allow her to search your items, and pay her 30 gp for the boat ride back.

  3. Note: There are also imps south of Falador, if you would prefer not to spend 60 gp for the two boat rides to and from Karamja. If you would really like to save time, you can simply buy the beads from other players, despite the fact that it ruins the quest's purpose.

  4. After you have collected all the beads, return to Wizard Mizgog to retreive your reward.