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   Icthlarin's Little Helper Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: beud4500

Corrections/Additions: Pirate Bob

Quest Difficulty: Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: South-east of the bridge over the River Elid Speak to the Wanderer at her camp in the Southern reaches of the desert.

Required Skills: High Agility would be an advantage, Ability to defeat a Possessed Priest (Level-91)

Required Quests: Getrude's Cat

Required Items: Kitten/Cat/Overgrown Cat, Shantay Passes, 30gp , Multiple waterskins, 1 tinderbox, 1 bucket of sap(use knife with any tree with bucket in inventory), 1 Willow Logs, 1 Bag of Salt(from slayer masters), Prayer and anti-poison potions, Armor, weapon, food.

Reward: 2 QP, Amulet of Catspeak, 4500 Thieving experience 4000 Agility experience and 4000 Woodcutting experience

Icthlarin's Little Helper Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. From the Shantay Pass go all the way southwest to the Bandit Camp. Next go all the way southeast of the Bandit Camp. Go east past the pyramid and cross the bridge south and continue. Remember on the way to the quest start area be sure to watch out for the aggresive Crocodiles (Level-63) by the riverside. The camp of the Wanderer should be northeast of the city by the gold rocks. Talk to her to start the quest.

  2. When you talk to her your cat will hiss at her. She will tell you to take it away for knowledge of the secret passage to the 'City of the Dead'. But you will have to provide her the supplies needed for her long journey in the desert. this means a tinderbox and a waterskin(4). Give them to her and she will hypnotize you and send you to a rock nearby her tent; enter it.

  3. You awake with a huge headache, and it turns out the passage in the rocks do leads to the city of Sophanem as promised and you have a new item in your hands, but don't worry about that for now. Now at arrival go to the southwestern house and go upstairs and take the Embalming Book (ironically by Bod E. Wrapper) and read it entirely.

  4. Now enter the pyramid by simply touching the door on the northern side. You will be in the pyramid with a headache and another strange item; ignore that as well. The first obstacle you have to pass is the wall crusher hallway. To succesfully master this you have to travel diagonally through the passage at the right time. Past the wall crushers is a trapped hallway. Follow this exact path and you will succesfully cross it. Then run past the mummies and more wall crushers to two pits. Attempt to jump one of the pits (it doesn't matter which one). When you make it you will be in a passageway of two rooms on each side.

  5. Go to the western room and try to open the door. You will then have to solve a puzzle. It's a classic flip puzzle; just keep clicking until all the pieces join together to form the bird that's pictured on the right. When you are done you will be immediately thrown out of the pyramid.

  6. Ask the Sphinx nearby to help you but he's too involved in your cat to do so. he will ask you a riddle "A husband and a wife has 6 sons. Each son has a sister. How many people are in the family?" The correct answer is 9. Note that if you get the answer incorrect you lose your kitten. If you get it right, the sphinx will hand you a token and tell you that you have been hypnotized by someone to do their bidding. He tells you to seek help from the priest southwest of there.

  7. Talk to the high priest in the building and hand him the token of the Sphinx and he will start talking. He will tell you that you must return the remains to their resting place in the pyramid.

  8. Now reenter the pyramid and go through the same obstacles you have faced before. Now go to the western door beyond the pit and enter it. Now take the same vase as you had earlier. When you have chosen the correct vase you will have to fight a guard (it changes depending on which vase you choose). The jar that is shaped like a bug when picked up will make Scabaras (Level-75) appear. The jar that is shaped like an ape will make Apmeken (Level-75) appear. The jar that is shaped like a man will make Het (Level-81) appear. The jar that is shaped like a crocodile will make crocodile, lvl 63 appear.

  9. After you have killed the guard take the vase and jump back over the pit. Something tells you you should put the jar back. Now go jump the pit once more and go to the western room. Now you have another puzzle. Solve it and enter. Place the jar back at the space where you got it and go back outside and talk to the high priest.

  10. The high priest wants to prepare a ceremony. He will tell you to help the Carpenter and the Embalmer in preparing for the ceremony. So first head east of the city to the Carpenter. His job is to make a new holy symbol but the problem is he can't find any willow logs anywhere. Help him out and give him the willow logs. Now while the carpenter works go to the Linen Seller north of him and buy a piece of linen for 30gp. Now head southwest again to the Emblamer and hand him the Bag of Salt, Bucket of Sap, and Linen.

  11. Talk to the head priest again and he will prepare for the ceremony while you get the holy symbol from the carpenter. Now when you get the holy symbol return to the pyramid and into the eastern room. Hide the unholy sumbol in a sarcophagus exit and you will find yourself on the other side of the pit. You realize your mistake and now jump across the pit and go back again into the eastern burial chamber. Some cinematics will play between The Devour (aka The Wanderer), the priests and you.

  12. After this is over turn on magic protection and kill the Posessed Priest (Level-91). He will drop the potion equivalent to the attack style you use (Attack Potion for Accurate, Strength Potion for Aggressive, Defence Potion for Defensive).

  13. When you have killed the Posessed Priest talk to the High Priest. Go through the door and you will find yourself hynotized by Icthlarin. He will snap you out of the Devour's spell and you will then return to the eastern burial room.

  14. Now leave the pyramid and go back to the building where you talked with the priests earlier. You can talk to your cat again for some extra stuff.

    AMULET OF CATSPEAK: One of the rewards of this quest is an ammy of catspeak. it lets you communicate with any cat in runescape. examples include the cats in the quest, Bob and either you or someone elses pet. Incase you lose it talk to the Sphinx for another one.