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   Recruitment Drive Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Beud4500

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Talk to Sir Amik Varze in the White knights castle.

Required Items: 3k coins to change into a female gender at the makeover mage and be good with pretty simple puzzles

Reward: 1 Quest point, 1000 Prayer exp, 1000 Herblore exp, and 1000 Agility exp, Gaze of Saradomin, Temple knights initate helmet, 3000gp, and if you were a male when you began the quest you will get a Makeover voucher (good for 1 free makeover).

Recruitment Drive Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to Sir Amik Varze in the white knights castle.

  2. After talking to him go down to the falador gardens and talk to Sir Tiffy and with nothing in your inventory or in your equipment screen choose to enter the training grounds. The training grounds consist of random rooms and each one has a different challenge...

    Ms.Hynn - Riddles
    With capture and your death - the wolves. The four stones, four buckets, four temperatures riddle - 32 Degrees. The Father and daughter - 10.
    Sir Ren - Riddles
    Simply look at the clue he gives you, the first letter of every line is the answer to the door combination.
    Sir Tinley - Patience
    Talk to him then just wait, don't do anything or you will fail his test.
    Sir Spishus- Chicken, Fox and Grain Puzzle
    1. First take the chicken to the other side of the bridge. 2. Walk back across and then take the fox across. 3. Take the chicken back across the bridge. 4. Take the grain to the other side with the fox. 5. Finally return for the chicken and take it across.
    Sir Ferentse-fighting Laye
    Laye is a lvl 20 warrior you possibly might have to kill, he mentions that no 'man' can kill him but does he mention no 'woman'? for this part change into a female character from the makeover mage and finish him off. males can still attack him, but they cant succesfully kill him.
    Lady Table-memory test
    1a.The missing statue is random. Find which color (Bronze, Sivler or Gold) has only three statues see what weapon is missing of that colour.
    1b.When your 10 seconds is up simply touch the statue that was previously missing

    Ms. Cheevers-Chemistry
  3. Go round the entire room searching all the shelves, crates and bookcases and collect the equipment. You should have 11 different vials, a tin,pair of sheers, a magnet, some bronze wire, a knife and a metal spade.

  4. Talk to Ms. Cheevers again and she will tell you about some notes. Search a nearby shelf for some alchemist book and read it. Search the stone door afterwards and you will find out you will need to make a handle and a key for the door.

  5. KEY
    Use gypsum with the tin, Use tin with the vial of liquid, Use tin with the key chained to the wall, Use the 2 powders on the tin, Use it on the bunsen-burner, Use bronze wire with tin, And you get a key of bronze
    Use spade on bunsen, Use the spade on the door, Use Cupric Sulphate and Dyhydrogen Monoxide on door, And you get a handle.
    After solving 5 puzzles, you will complete this challenge.....

    After the Quest you can buy initiate armor from Sir Tiffy.
    Initiate Helmet-6000gp, Initiate Body-10000gp, Initiate Legs-8000gp, Full Set-20000gp
    And after the quest you can choose to respawn in falador when you die or lumbridge when you die.