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   Fishing Contest Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Goten070

Corrections/Additions: Zero, Pirate Bob

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Talk to Austri or Vestri east or west of White Wolf Mountain

Required Skills: Level 10 Fishing

Required Items: 5-10 coins, Garlic (found in one of the houses in Draynor Village upstairs in a cupboard), regular Fishing Rod, Spade

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 2437.5 Fishing Experience, and access to the underground tunnel of White Wolf Mountain

Fishing Contest Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Talk to either Austri or Vestri, the two dwarves guarding the entrance to the White Wolf Mountain tunnel on the east or west side, respectively. Ask him how to become his friend and he'll tell you he wants you to beat a Hemenster fishing contest. He will give you a competition pass.

  2. Before going to the contest head to McGrubbor woods which is north of the fishing contest. There is a loose fence (it's in red like a door on your minimap) and squeeze through it. Go to the west and there should be a red vine. Click on "Check Vine" and get about 10-20 red worms with your spade.

  3. Go to the contest area and the talk to Morris. He will ask you for a pass. Show him your pass and he will let you in.

  4. Talk to the Sinister Stranger and he will say he doesn't like the sun. That's because he is a vampire, even though he'll deny it if you say he is.

  5. Talk to Bonzo and ask him to start the contest. He will ask for 5gp pay him and the contest will start.

  6. Before you fish, go to the pipe next to the Sinister Stranger and place your garlic in it the he will say it doesn't smell good there (vampires don't like garlic, remember?). Bonzo will allow the stranger to switch spots, and assign you the place next to the pipes. Fish there and you should get the biggest fish. Talk to Bonzo again and you should win the contest.

  7. Head back to the dwarf near White Wolf Mountain and he will let you access the tunnel (from either side) if you give him your trophy from the contest. Congratulations, Quest Complete!