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   Wanted! Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Pirate Bob

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Falador Park

Required Quests: Must have completed Recruitment Drive, Must have completed Priest in Peril Quest, Must have completed Lost Tribe Quest, Must have completed Rune Mysteries Quest, Must have 32 Quest Points

Required Items: 10k gp (or 1 Law Rune, 1 Slayer Gem, and 1 Molten Glass), 20 Rune Essence (You get it back later), Lantern (any kind, but preferable Oil Lamp or better), and Tinderbox (Tinderbox not necessary unless your lantern goes out). Items Recomended: Lots of Law runes, Amulet of Glory, some food (I used 5 lobsters), Some money for ships

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 5k Slayer Experience, Access to White Knight Armoury

Wanted! Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in the Falador Park to start the quest. Ask if he has any quests for you.

  2. After a very lengthy conversation, he will give you some instructions:

  3. Head towards Falador Castle, and speak to Sir Amik on the third floor of the castle on the west side. Tell him that you have decided to join the White Knights i nstead of the Temple Knights, and then he will ask you to be his squire. Tell him no, and eventually he will say that he would deputise you, but there is no crisis, so he cannot.

  4. Head back to Sir Tiffy, and he will tell you of a crisis that is going on, and he will send you back to Sir Amik.

  5. Speak to Sir Amik again, and he will tell you of Solus, the infamous murder-mage, who has escaped his exile and is now roaming free. Sir Amik will make you a deputy of the White Knights, and send you to fight Solus.

  6. Walk back to Sir Tiffy, and he will give you instructions to not engage Solus in combat, but to merely serve as a scout. Solus is too powerful for any one man to engage in combat with. In order to help track him down, you will need a special tool, known as a Temple Knights Communications Orb (or Commorb for short). Either give Sir Tiffy the required items (1 Law Rune, 1 Slayer Gem, and 1 Molten Glass) or the 10k coins for the orb.

    Note: Molten Glass is made by using soda ash and a bucket of sand on a furnace. Soda ash can be obtained by cooking seaweed (spawns on Entrana Island) on a range.

  7. Right-Click and select "Scan Commorb" in your inventory, and you will be able to speak to Savant, your Temple Knights operative. He will help you find Solus. He will send you information about 2 Records of encounters with Solus.

  8. Head to the Taverley Dungeon (I suggest bringing a set of Varrock Teleport Runes because it's a lot of walking), and go all the way to Lord Daquarius's chamber. Speak to him, and Savant will tell you that the only thing Daquarius cares about is his men. Kill a Black Knight, and Daquarius will surrender his information if you promise to leave his men alone.

  9. Now head back to Varrock to the Choas Temple in southeast Varrock. If you do not see the Mage there, you can read the dossier on him and see that he also operates in the wilderness north of Edgeville. Head to level 5 wilderness north and a bit east of Edgeville, and you will find him there. He will tell you to meet him in the Chaos Temple in Varrock.

  10. Head back to the Chaos Temple in Varrock and speak to the Zamorak Mage. He will ask for your Commorb in exchange for information about Solus, but he settles for 20 Rune Essence instead. He will tell you that Solus went somewhere east, and you will eventually figure out that he must be in Canifis.

  11. Head towards Canifis, and Savant will speak to you on the way and explain slow-teleporting to you, and tell you to scan for Solus in the area.

  12. Savant will realize that there was an item that was slow-teleporting with Solus, and he will retrieve it for you. The items he retrieves will be clues as to there Solus is teleporting to. As you find Solus each time, he will use some type of distraction in order to escape, and Savant will retrieve another item for you to use as a clue. Once you reach the area each item represents, scan with your Commorb and Solus will appear. Here is a list of the items and the location they represent:

    • Red Vine Worm - McGrubor's Wood
    • Cape (Blue) - Champion's Guild
    • Castle Wars Ticket - Castle Wars Arena
    • Bone Spear - Lumbridge Cellar Caves Mine (very end of caves; you can speak to Kazgar and he will take you to the end of the caves). Note: You'll need your lantern for this; Kazgar will not take you without a light source.
    • Bear Fur - Ardougne Market
    • Blue Wizard Hat - Wizards Tower
    • Fake Beard - Ali M (Al Kharid)
    • Goblin Mail - Goblin Village
    • Fremmennik Cloak - Relleka
    • Frogs Legs - Lumbridge Caves near Giant Frogs
    • Earmuffs - Morytania Tower near Banshees
    • Unholy Symbol - Scorpious shrine (North of Observatory)
    • Banana - Banana Plantation (Karamja)
    • White Wizards Hat - Bottom floor of Gnome Stronghold Tree
    • Greenman's Ale - Yanille Pub
    • Rune Essence - Rune Essence Mine
    • Toy Horse - Draynor Market
    • Eye Patch - Brimhaven (The pub in Brimhaven)

  13. Once you get the Rune Essence, head to the Rune Essence Mine, and you will finally corner Solus. A team of 15 or so Rangers from the Temple Knights will teleport to the mine and attack Solus, but he will kill them all in one massive icy blow.

    He is weakened now, and Savant tells you to attack him. He is incredibly easy to kill, and he didn't hurt me at all. Once you kill him, you will teleport out of the mine and recieve his hat as proof of your victory.

  14. Head back to Sir Amik and show him Solus's Hat, and you will complete the quest. Congratulations!

White Knight Armoury

If you look at your Quest Journal, you can see your current rank in the White Knights. You can increase your rank by killing black knights. Speak to Sir Vyvin to buy or sell armour.