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   Garden of Tranquility Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Pirate Bob

Quest Difficulty: Easy

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Varrock palace garden

Required Skills: Level 25 farming

Required Quests: Must have completed Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest

Required Items: Ring of Charos (Obtained while doing Creature of Fenkenstrain), Farming Equipment, 1 Marigold Seed, 3 onion seeds, 3 cabbage seeds, 2 Plant Cures, 1 Rune Essence, Chisel, Pestle and Mortar, 1 Plantpot, Fishing Rod(Recommended) or Fly Fishing Rod and teleport runes to various places (Lumbridge, Falador, Camelot, Varrock, Ardougne).

Reward: 2 Quest points, 5k Farming experience, 1 Apple tree seed, 1 Acorn, 5 Guam seeds, and a Supercompost potion. The white tree gives a fruit which you can pick. Eating one will regain between 5-10% energy. The supercompost potion is a potion that makes supercompost out of compost. You can only get 1 potion (4), so its smarter that you dont use it on normal buckets of compost, but instead on compost bins full of compost to get 15 supercompost with 1 dose.

Garden of Tranquility Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. Go to varrock castle and talk to Queen Ellamaria to start the quest after listening to her for a while she gives you a list and tells you to talk to the old man in Draynor.

    Queen Ellamaria

  2. Talk to the old man and he will tell you about the diplomat Charos and the history of the Queen. Tell him that you have the ring of Charos and go get it if its in the bank. When you have it the old man will ask you 7 questions. If you get them correctly he will enchant the ring to a Ring of Charos(u) in which you can charm people. Note that the questions and answers are random for every player.

    While you complete the tasks for the gardeners to get the needed seeds you can always wait or just go on to the next task. You will need all the items on the list before going to the next step past the list.

    List of Things that Need to be Done

    1. To get the Delphiniums you will need to talk to Elstan, he is located southeast of Falador by the farming patch. First you charm him through the conversation and then agree to grow marigolds for him. After those marigolds have succesfully grown and handed to Elstan you will receive the Delphiniums.

    2. To get the Pink and Yellow Orchards you will need to look for Lyra, she is located northwest of Port Phasmatys in the farming patch by the wrecked ship, again like Elstan you charm her until the conversation then agree to help her grow something, she requests onions. After the onions are grown you will receive the seeds.

    3. To get the Snowdrop seeds you will need to talk to Kragen who is located north of Ardougne in the farming patch. Do the normal routine with the charms and help him grow cabbages and when they have been grown you will receive the seeds.

    4. To get the Burthorpe Vine seeds you will need to seek Bernald who is in Burthorpe, agree to help heal his diseased grapevines and use your plant cure with the grapevines and talk to him again, you will find out that the cure is not strong enough. And you will need to seek a druid who can help. Now go to Alain the druid by the Taverly farming patch and ask him about strong plant cures. Now use your chisel with the rune ess then use it with the pestle and mortar and finally add it in to the normal plant cure. After that heal the grapevines and you will get your seeds.

    5. To get the rose seeds go to the Monastery west of Edgeville and try to take the seeds from the flowers. you will be caught by the monk and yelled at. Now charm him and run back to Edgeville and you can either destroy the ring and get a new one or you can dump it into the well and fish it out with your fishing rod later on. After you have done so the monk will allow you to take the seeds.

    6. To get the White tree you will need to visit Dantaera who is the garderner watching the farming patches north of Catherby, as usual charm her and then use your scateurs on the white tree on Ice mountain(Oracle Mountain).

    7. White Tree

    8. Now for the statues. Talk to Queen Ellamaria about the statues and she will give you a trolley. Go to Lumbridge and take the kings statue by the castle gates, push it past the bridge and you will automatically arrive in varrock, now put the statue in the correct place. For the Saradomin statue go to Falador and take it. You will see a funny cutscene and after it push the trolley north of falador and you will automatically arrive in Varrock. Put the statue in the correct place.

    9. Statue on the Trolley


    1. When you have gotten all the seeds and the tree, plant them in their respective patches and wait until they are fully grown, once they are fully grown the queen will tell you to get the king.

    2. The king will not go, so you will need to charm him. And after you have done so, witness the last cutscene and....


Quest Complete

Ring of Charos(U)

After the quest you get to keep this ring. If you ever lose it pickpocket one from Dr Fenkenstrein in his castle and ask the old man to re-enchant it. This ring when worn grants you the ability to charm people or persuade them. The uses of the ring are..

  • Lower transportation prices such as boats,carpets and minecarts, also works on the ghost sailor in Port Phasmatys.
  • Between a Rock quest's gold shipped half off.
  • Choice of a specific cat from Gertrude.
  • More money made via fur trading and silk.
  • Blast Furnace lowered to 1225 from 2500 gp.
  • Tanning fee lowered for all hides and leather.
  • Used on Mysterious Old Man to get gpspinach rolls.
  • Ability to change your Fremmenik name.