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   Desert Treasure Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Beud4500

Corrections/Additions: Giac Jr, pendragon4

Quest Difficulty: Very Hard

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to the Archaeologist in the Bedabin Camp, south-west of the Shantay Pass.

Required Skills: Level 10 Slayer, Level 50 Firemaking, Level 50 Magic, Level 53 Thieving, A high agility level will be a distinct advantage, Be able to defeat extremely hard lvl 150+ monsters.

Required Quests: The Digsite Quest, The Tourist Trap, The Temple of Ikov, Priest In Peril, Waterfall Quest, Troll Stronghold.

Required Items: Multiple Shantay Passes, Several Waterskins(4) and a Knife for cutting cactus for water when low,Teleport Runes, 6 Steel bars, 6 Molten glass, 1 Charcoal, 1 Ashes, 1 Blood rune, 12 Magic logs, 1 Bone(NORMAL), 1 Cake(normal or chocolate), 1 Spiked boots, 650 Coins, 1 Silver bar, 1 Garlic, Pestle and mortar, 1 Spices, Alot of Lockpicks, Some Anti poison potions, 1 Tinderbox, 1 Face mask or Gas mask, 1 pair of Ice gloves(unless you want to box Fareed), weapon, armour,magic or ranged(optional) prayer potions,restore potions, super set(optional) and food.

Reward: 3 Quest Points, 20k Magic Experience and The Ablity To Use Ancient Magicks

Desert Treasure Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
  1. To start the quest go southwest of the Shantay Pass to the Bedabin Nomad Camp(dont forget desert gear). there you will find an archaeologist. ask him for a quest and he will tell you to hand his findings of some carvings to Terry Balando in the digsite.

  2. Get out of the deser t and to the digsite. one of the Archaeologist experts in the Exam Center is Terry Balando so talk to one of them. Terry will translate the findings of the Archaeologist and put it in a journal. read it(It tells about 4 crystals) and return to the Archaeologist in the Bedabin Nomad Camp. before that bring 650gp and once again desert gear. After talking to the Archaeologist for a while.he will agree to split up to look for clues in the desert.

  3. Head to the Bandit Town south of the Bedabin Nomads.Remember don't bring any Saradomin or Zamorak or the bandits will team up on you. When you arrive head to the bar and buy a drink from the Bartender for 650gp. After your drink ask the bartender about the 4 crystals and he will recomend you to someone older and more oriented in such topic.

  4. Go find Elbis who will be wandering around. Ask him about the 4 crystals and he will tell you a story and such. after all that ask him about the Scrying Glass and he will tell you to get certain ingredients for him.

  5. Now it gets sort of difficult. all the ingredients with the shantay pass would mean you have no additional space for food,waterskins or teleportation. so I suggest being equipped with a teleportation jewelry and either armor or robes. Now run all the way back to the Bandit Camp. First off kill a bandit for normal bones carefully. because if you are seen you will be badly teamed on. Now hand all the ingredients to Elbis and he will prepare the Scrying Mirrors. Talk to him again and he will tell you the Scrying Mirrors are complete.

  6. Now go southeast of the bandit camp and you will see a circle of mirrors. Spy into each one and be ready for the difficult retrieval of these 4 Diamond Crystals.

    Diamond of Smoke
  1. First off prepare for a fight with a lvl 167. Wear a facemask and wear ice gloves and bring a tinderbox. Now from the Bandit Camp you go east through the desert south of some huge mountains until you reach a Smokey Well. Climb into it.

  2. This whole smokey dungeon is a maze.dont ever take off your facemask. The purpose of this dungeon is to get a key,unlock the main room and kill the monster for the Diamond of Smoke. first off go to the Northeastern part of the dungeon and light up the standing torch. Next you go to the Southeastern part of the dungeon and light that standing torch. Then the Southwestern part of the dungeon and lastly the Northwestern part.

  3. There is a time limit going on while you light all the torches and get the key. if time runs out you have to start over. anyways,after you have succesfully lit all the torches go to the center of the dungeon and quickly open the chest and take out the warm key.

  4. Go to the eastern part of the dungeon and you will see a huge gated room. unlock it with the warm key.but before you go in pot up or prayer on because as soon and you enter you will face a lvl 167 Fareed. Water spells are an advantage against this firey opponent but if you don't have the runes for it you can just melee. He melees but also occasionally shoots a fire-like spell that does damage to you. but keep melee protect on. once you've killed him. he will automatically drop the Smoke Diamond. keep it and get out of there.

    Diamond Of Blood
  1. For this part of the quest you will require a clove of garlic, 1 spices(bought from ardounge), and 1 silver bar. After you get the items make way to Canifis.

  2. When you arrive at Canifis walk to the bar and a cutscene will automatically play. It shows a conversation between the barman and Malak the Vampire. After they talk for a while,Malak will spot you and start talking. Ask him about the diamond and he will tell you that to get the diamond you will have to kill his friend Dessous who has possesion of the diamond and the lands Malak wants from him. He will also tell you to hand a silver bar to a man in Draynor Sewers.

  3. Either teleport or walk to Draynor Village. if you havent got a clove of garlic yet go on top of Morgan's House for it. Take the silver bar out of your bank and take the trapdoor west of the Jail and your in the Draynor Sewers. Go to the center room and hand Ruantan the silver bar and he will immediately make that into a silver pot.

  4. Take off all armors and weapons and carry only the silver pot and teleportation to Morytania or Varrock. Go to Entrana and ask the high preist to bless your silver pot. After that go to Canifis.

  5. Go to the Canifis bar and ask the vampire where you can get fresh blood. he slashes you and uses your blood instead. Go to the bank and crush the garlic to powder using your pestle and mortar.Next add the garlic powder and spices to the blessed pot of blood. Now prepare for the fight with lvl 139 Dessous.

  6. Dessous' grave is southeast of Canifis. if you have done In Search Of Myreque Quest its easier. anyways, climb the tree bridge in that swamp area and keep going east until you reach a huge grave. that is Dessous' Grave. put on prayer(melee protect) and use the blessed silver pot of garlic,spice and blood with his tomb and soon the tomb will burst open and Dessous comes out. He melees and specials. his special is an array of bats that do a total of 10 damage to you. he does it quite often so watch the hp. Because of the fences Halbreds,Mage and Ranged are good combat options to use. But you must keep melee protect on or he will do high damage or he will teleport and interupt your hallying,mage or ranging. After a long fight you will have finally killed him. but he drops no diamond.

  7. Go back to the bar to find out that Malak had the diamond all along and that killing Dessous only helped Malak gain more wealth.Now take the diamond and your ready to move on.

    Diamond Of Ice
  1. Get a cake and preferably monks with prayer and restore potions and go to the huge ice gate a bit east of Trollheim the fortress. You will find a crying Troll Child.

  2. Give him a normal or chocolate cake and he will start talking. he says that his mom and dad have been captured by a 'bad man' for a diamond and they are now frozen solid. Now enter that gate. The nearby troll tells you to be careful. In addition throughout the whole ice area occasionally something does 1 damage to you and drains your stats. that would be the ice effect around the whole area. if they get worst enough eat and drink a restore pot.
  3. Enter the ice gate and the troll nearby tells you to be careful.Go further and you see a lot of ice trolls and a cave entrance. the entrance is closed off right now so you have to kill 5 trolls to break the ice. For the 5 ice trolls you will have to kill, Fire magic or fire arrows is an advantage. Fire attacks are the trolls primary weakness. but if you don't have the luxury of fire arrows or fire magic now.Melee is your best bet. When you see the trolls turn on melee protect and start killing 5 of them(mage/melee/range). they with the ice effect will drain stats and energy so the restore potions can come in handy. Every troll you kill an ice piece will fall off the cave. and after 5 ice pieces down the cave entrance is free to pass through.

  4. Return to a bank and restock make sure you have spiked boots for the ice path later on if you plan the rest of the journey in one trip. now you will have to fight the lvl 154 Kamil. make sure you have Restore potions and prayer potions for this guy freezes you very often with his ice magic and the ice effect will still go on.You can't teleport from this fight with runes because he will drain magic. After a long time of fighting Kamil will die and he will drop chocolate cakes and a super restore potion. take them and now your choices are to continue or bank.

  5. For this next step you will need food and 1-2 prayer or restore potions,spiked boots and teleportation. From where you killed Kamil go west, north and follow the very long path at the end of it you will see the icey path. put on spiked boots and climb on. While your walking the ice effect will still happen and occasionally you will slip and fall and suffer 2 damage. If you run out of food or potions you can teleport and retry. Walk to the very end of this icey path and through the gate. Go on even more until you see 2 ice blocks.

  6. Those are the troll parents. smash their rocks(10 hp) and after some talking they will teleport you to their child and you will get the ice diamond... you are done.

    Diamond Of Shadow
  1. Go west of the fishing guild and northwest of the moss giants until you see a small open area. talk to Rasool and ask him about the Shadow Diamond. he will tell you that it is in a dungeon nearby guarded by a fiece warrior and to access it you will need the ring of visibility which is in his hands. but in trade for it he wants a gilded cross that was stolen by a bandit years ago.

  2. Go to Al Kharid and stock up on food,antipoisons and picklocks. Now go to the bandit camp. in the most southern building you will find a chest. it holds the gilded cross. but to get to it you will have to pick through 3 locks. If you fail on any of the locks, you lose your lockpick,you can be poisoned and you will have to start over. If you are ever short on lockpicks or antipoisons go theive the bandits all over the area. you have a chance to get coins,lockpicks or antipoisons
  3. something that should be tried is the bandit's brew. its 650gp from the bar-tender and it raises theiving by 1 for a while. The success of theiving the chest depends highly on luck and your theiving level. when i did the quest i had 55 theiving and i wasted a total of 30 lockpicks.

  4. Once you have succesfully opened the chest you will get the gilded cross. Now bank and take out your armor, weapons, a ton of prayer potions, food and an optional super set. Go back to Rasool and trade the gilded cross for the ring of visibility. wear it and in that small area a trapdoor will suddenly appear. Enter It.

  5. The dungeon is filled with lvl 80 skeletons, lvl 63 shadowhounds and giant rats. Go east, north and east again to a huge room. This is Damis' lair. as soon as you enter he will come out and attack. because the room is a multi-combat area and more monsters will soon join in the attack its best that you leave the big room to single-combat area before fighting him.

  6. Damis has two forms. the first form is lvl 103. this form has no special attacks or ability and can be taken down easily. As soon as you kill it he will transform into his second form.

  7. The second form of Damis is a lvl 174. this form will use its special ability and drain your prayer very badly and if you don't watch out for your prayer he will hit as hard as 37s. there is no safe spots to hally/mage/range him from so I suggest you either pray while maging or super set,melee and pray. when he dies you will get the shadow diamond. take it and leave.

  1. Now you have gotten all diamonds, stock up on antipoisons, prayer potions and food. now with the 4 diamonds in your inventory talk to Elbis and he will tell you about a pyramid south of the area. Now head south of Elbis and the mirrors to the pyramid.

  2. Put the diamond on its appropiate obelisk. it will tell you if you have gotten it right or wrong. once you have all 4 on their obelisks enter the pyramid. Throughout the entire pyramid you will have to run through mummies(lvl 103) and also scarabs(lvl 93 and poison 6). Also you will face random trapdoors that will pop up and send you out of the pyramid. these trapdoors seem to be random for each person so you can find out if walking or running or more weight or less weight can work.

  3. The first floor is easy. click on the ladder in the room north of the ladder you've climbed down and you will automatically walk there. And make sure you won''t suffer alot of damages from the NPCs.

  4. The second floor is a bit harder go all the way east, next go all the way south then west and north and lastly east to the ladder. again make sure you won't suffer alot of damage from the NPCs.

  5. The third floor is confusing...go to the north west corner, then move south, then to the center of the area, then east and south, now go to the south east corner. Then head west to the ladder.

  6. This is the last level. the only way to explain the right direction is from the ladder go counter clockwise and through the door to Azzanadra's lair. talk to him and after a long while he will give you your reward.


    The Stranger
    During the course of the quest wheter your done or in the middle there will be a random event that comes out. He is called Stranger and he is a lvl 95 with a dragon dagger. before you complete quest when this guy pops up he will attack. he does alot of dagger specials and poisons(4). but he has low defense and is easy to take down. But when your done with the quest he just pops up and just follows you everywhere until he dissapears. you can ignore him then.