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   Merlin's Crystal Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Zapfire

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Speak to King Arthur in Camelot Castle

Required Skills: 20 attack to wield Excalibur, ability to defeat a level 39 enemy

Required Items: Tinderbox, a bucket, and one piece of bread. Recommended: Varrock teleport runes for one teleport, and runes for two Falador teleports.

Reward: 6 quest points, Excalibur sword

Merlin's Crystal Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
1. Merlins Crystal: To begin, go to Camelot Castle, speak to King Arthur and ask if you can join the knights of the round table. After you ask, King Arthur will tell you about Merlin who has been trapped in a magical crystal. Next he will tell you to speak with some knights.

2. the Knights: Head outside and find Sir Gawain , talk to him and ask how merlin became trapped. Head up the stairs and talk to Sir Lancelot, ask how to get in the morgan le faye stronghold. Lancelot will tell you that you must use a boat to get there, if he doesn't talk to some other knights

3. Keep le faye:Now head for Catherby, once you are there find Arhein and speak with him. Ask him where he sails to, then ask if you can have a ride. He won't let you yet because he is waiting for a box of candles to ship. After arhein tells you this, go back behind the candle shop, climb in to the box and hide, you will be shipped off to Keep le Faye.

4. Morgan Le Faye: Once you land at the keep, head up the flight of stairs and battle Sir Mordred (lvl39). When you have come close to killing him morgan le faye will come in and tell you to spare him. Now ask here how to free Merlin from the crystal. She will tell you you need the sword Excalibur, a black candle, bat bones and some special magic words. Next ask her how to find excalibur and the special magic words.

To Get these items...
1. BAT BONES: Simply go downstairs and kill a bat.
2. BLACK CANDLE:[image]
You will need to go to catherby and head for the house just north of catherbys bank, inside you will find some insect repellant, take it. Now head for the beehives which can be found east of the flax field in seers, pick up the bucket. "use" the insect repellant on any beehive, then "take from" and the bucket you picked up will fill with wax.
Take the bucket of wax to the candle maker in catherby and ask him to make you the black candle, use your tinderbox to light it.

3. MAGIC WORDS: Head to Varrock, you will need to find an alter. The alter is located southeast of Auburys shop, it is pretty easy to find. Now right click to "Check" the altar, it will give you these words: Snarthon Candtrick Termanto.
4. EXCALIBUR: First and foremost, get out your bread. Head for the Lady of the Lake. She can be found on a pennisula around taverlys lake.You must ask her about the sword. After she tells you about it, head for the Port Sarim jewelry store, As you try to open the door a beggar will appear, talk to him and give him your bread, he should transform in to the lady of the lake, she will give you the mighty sword, Excalibur.

5. Free Merlin!: Go to camelot and find a fountain located in the northeast. There will be a small building, under it will be a circular shape on the ground. Stand in it and drop your bat bones. Now a lvl 92 spirit will appear, YOU MUST SAY THE RIGHT WORDS, if you don't you will have to fight it, if you do say the right words, it will obey your command and free Merlin

6. Finishing up: To finish up,head for the southeastern ladder, now climb up 2 more sets of ladders use the Excalibur sword on the crystal. Go to King Arthur to receive Your reward.

1. Excalibur, which has a special defence raising attack.
NOTE: To use excalibur you must have lvl 20 attack. If you lose Your excalibur sword you can receive another from the Lady Of The Lake for just 500 coins.