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   Ghosts Ahoy Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: operaghost

Corrections/Additions: Pirate Bob, Supercoolyo

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: Port Phasmatys East of Fenkenstein Castle

Required Skills: 25 Agility, 20 Cooking, must have the ability to kill a level 32 Giant Lobster

Required Quests: Priest in Peril and The Restless Ghost

Required Items: 4-6 Pots, 4-6 Buckets, Amulet of Ghost Speak, Needle, Thread, Silk, Knife, 10 Bones, Oak Long,Bow, Bowl of Water, Empty Cup, Nettles, Gloves, Bucket of Milk, and a Spade

Reward: 2 Quest Points, 2400 prayer experience, free acess to Port Phasmatys, and an

Ghosts Ahoy Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
Description:The citizens of Port Phasmatys have unwittingly consigned themselves to an immortal existence, trapped forever in this world as unwilling ghosts. Necrovarus, Lord of the Temple of Phasmatys, holds the

A. Grab your Buckets, Pots and Bones and go to port Phasmatys wearing your Amulet of Ghost Speak. The port is just east of Fenkenstrain's Castle.
B. Go to the tower immediately north of the entrance to the city, and go down the trap door on the west side of the tower. Head around to the other side of the circle and down the stairs. Continue this process until you reach the bottom of the tower. Use your buckets on the Ectoplasm (again; having 4 or 5 buckets is very advantageous so you don't have to make this trip as many times).

C. Go back up to the Ectofunctus on the ground floor, and go up the stairs on the west side of the tower to the bone grinder. Use your bones on the Grinder, wind the grinder, and empty the ground bones into one of your pots.
D. Go back downstairs and left-click the Ectofunctus to worship it as many times as you can. Each time you worship, one bucket of Ectoplasm and one potful of Bonemeal will be used up. Speak to one of the Ghost Disciples and they will give you 5 Ecto-tokens for each time you worshipped the Ectofunctus. If you ever run out of Ecto-tokens, simply repeat this process.

  1. Go into the port (it costs 2 Ecto-tokens to get in each time), and speak to Velrina in the northeast corner of the city to start the quest. Make sure you are wearing your Amulet of Ghostspeak.

  2. She will ask you to speak to Necrovarus in the Ectofunctus Tower.

  3. Go speak to Necrovarus on the ground floor of the Ectofunctus Tower. He won't listen to you, so go back to Velorina, and she will tell you to find her friend.

  4. Her "friend" is the Old Crone, and can be found in the building in between the Slayer Tower and Fenkenstrain's Castle (just north of Canifis).

  5. Once you're there, talk to the Old Crone, and she will ask for some nettle tea in order to help refresh her memory.

  6. Get your Empty Cup, Nettles, Bowl of Water, and Bucket of Milk.

  7. Put the Nettlles in the Bowl of Water to get Nettle Water, and heat it with a range to get some Nettle Tea (the closest range is in Port Phasmatys).

    Pour your Nettle Tea into the Empty Cup, and add your bucket of milk to make a nice milky cup of Nettle Tea for the Old Crone.

  8. Go back to the Old Crone and she will ask to put the tea in her special cup. Use the tea with the Porcelain Cup.

  9. The crone says you will need a special book, something to translate it, and Necrovarus's old robes. Ask her about all the help that she has given, and she will give you an old toy boat with only one request: to find her son and return his toy boat to him.

  10. Mystical Robes

  11. Now to get the robes: go into town, and into the inn and ask the Innkeeper for a job. He will give you a bed sheet with instructions to put it on Robin's bed. Instead of listening to his instructions, head back down the Ectofunctus Tower to the pool of ectoplasm, and use your sheet with it.

    Go back to town, and wear the slimy bedsheet (you have to wear it in order to talk to the Ghost Villagers). Talk to the protester Gravingas in the market area, and he will give you a Petition List.

    You will need 10 signatures, so go around the town and ask the Ghost Villagers to sign it. Some will have to be payed off with Ecto-tokens (usually 1 to 3). Once you get 10 signatures, go talk to Necrovarus again. He will be so mad he destroys the paper and drops a Bone Key. Pick up the key, and use it with the door upstairs near the bone grinder. Open the coffin inside and you will find Necrovarus's old set of Mystical Robes.

  12. Translator

  13. To get the translatr talk to Ak-Haranu on the docks of Port Phasmatys. He will ask for an Oak Longbow signed by the legendary bowman Robin. Talk to Robin in the inn, making sure to bring a few hundred coins. He will refuse to sign your Oak Longbow, but will ask you to play him in a few rounds of RuneDraw. Play a few rounds with him, and once you win 4 games, he will sign your Oak Longbow.

  14. Book of Haricanto

  15. Go to the broken ship in the water to the northwest of Port Phasmatys near the ghost farm, and open some of the chests until a Giant Lobster (Level-32) appears. Kill it and search the chest it came out of to get a Map piece. Go up the ladder and cross the gangplank to the north. Hop from rock to rock until you come to a chest.

    Open it and get another map piece. Only one more Map piece to get, but it's the tough one. Go back to the ship and up another ladder to the top of the ship. You will see a mast, and you will need to search it. You can only search the mast when the Wind Speed is Low. Look in the top right corner and wait until it says Wind Speed: Low to search the mast. You will need to search the mast 3 times to find out the color of the top half of the flag, the bottom half of the flag, and the emblem. Left-click on your Toy Ship to Repair the ship (this will use up your thread and silk, and you'll need a knife, and a needle).

  16. Now for the dyes. If you don't already have the dyes, head to Edna the Witch in Draynor Village to get them. Yellow Dyes require 2 Onions per dye, Red Dyes reqire 3 Redberries per dye, and Blue Dyes require 2 Woad Leaves per dye.

    Onions can be found in back of the Farmer's house in northwest Lumbridge.
    Woad Leaves can be bought from Wyson the Gardener in the Falador park.
    Redberries can be bougth from the Food Shop in Port Sarim one at a time or from the spawns southeast of Varrock.

    To make Purple Dye, mix Red and Blue Dyes.
    To make Orange Dye, mix Red and Yellow Dyes.
    To make Green Dye, mix Yellow and Blue Dyes.

    Put the dyes of the 3 colors on their corresponding parts of the ship. Talk to the Cabin Boy and give him the repaired and repainted Toy Ship and he will let you open the chest to the final map piece. Put them all together to get the completed treasure map.

    For this next part you will need at least 25 Ecto-tokens (as always, the more the merrier, so you might as well get as many as you can). Go to the docks in Port Phasmatys and pay the Rowboat Captain 25 Ecto-tokens to get to Dragontooth Island. Check out your treasure map and it will show you how to find the Book.

    Start at the x by standing right in front of the Statue right near where you start on the island, and and follow the map. Once you reach the designated spot, use your spade to dig up the book.

    Leave the island and go back to the Old Crone, and she will enchant your Amulet of Ghost Speak.

  17. Talk to Necrovarus in the Ectofunctus Tower again and tell him to let the ghosts pass.

  18. Talk to Velorina, and she will give you an Ectophial. Congratulations, Quest Complete!


If you ever want to return to Port Phasmatys, simply right-click on your Ectophial and select "Empty-Ectophial." You will be teleported to the Ectofunctus Tower instantly.

What can I buy with my Ecto-tokens?

There are a couple things you can buy with Ecto-tokens in Port Phasmatys:

  1. Ale yeast -- 5 Ecto-tokens. Ale Yeast can be bought below the Inn in Port Phasmatys.

  2. Trip to Dragontooth Island -- 25 Ecto-tokens