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   Horror of The Deep Runescape Quest Guide
Written By: Goten070

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Members only

Starting Location: The lighthouse, speak to the Lady outside.

Required Skills: Level 35 Agility, decent mager, some good food

Required Quests: Barbarian Barcrawl.

Required Items: Steel short sword, 100 arrows + bow, 251 air + fire + water + earth + mind runes, hammer, tinderbox, swamp tar, molten glass, 2 planks, 8 nails, full armour and weapon, 1 prayer pot, full pack of food, teleport runes x 2. Get all these items BEFORE setting off to the lighthouse.

Reward: 2 Quest points, Saradomin - Guthix - Zamorak Prayer book, 2-4k Ranged xp.

Horror of The Deep Runescape Quest Walkthrough:

  1. Go to the Light house and speak to the Lady outside. She tells you get the key the Gunjorn, and fix her bridge.

  2. Go south of the lighthouse. You'll find some stones to jump across. Jump all the way across and get to Barbarian Outpost, and go inside into the training part. Speak to Gunjorn.

  3. Teleport to Seers. Walk back to the lighthouse. When you reach the bridge, you must use the 1 plank for either side of it to fix it.

  4. Go back and speak to the Lady. Then go inside the Lighthouse and speak to her again. She will ask you to fix the light.

  5. Climb right to the top. Use the tar, tinderbox, then the molten glass, on the mechanism/machinery. The light should light.

  6. Talk to the Lady again. Then go up 1 floor. Search the bookcase and get all 3 books. Then open each book and pretend you read them, unless you really want to read them.

  7. Go back down to the bottom floor. Then click on the handles of the iron ladder, NOT THE STEPS, otherwise you won't climb down.

  8. Go to the door. Use the; Steel short sword, 1 arrows, 1 air rune, 1 water rune, 1 fire rune and 1 earth rune on the door. Now you can go through the odd wall on the right.

  9. When through the door, prepare yourself. When you climb down the next ladder you have to fight 2 monsters. The first one is easy, just use melee. But here's how to fight second one:

    The huge level 100 mummy monster, turns into different colours. Each colour means it is weak against certain attacks. They are as follows...

    - Orange ~ Melee attacks
    - Green ~ Ranged attacks
    - Brown ~ Earth spells
    - Blue ~ Water spells
    - Red ~ Fire spells
    - White ~ Wind/Air spells

    At level 91 combat it takes you down to around half health. But takes quite a long time to kill. I'd recommend using protect from melee.

  10. Once you've seen the, "Quest Complete," go back up to the 1st floor of the lighthouse. Speak to the person there, you get to choose which prayer book you want.

Notes: The prayer book needs 4 pages which you get from Treasure Trails or buy from other players. Once you have completed a book, you are able to buy a different one from the same place for 5,000gp.