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   Woodcutting Runescape Skill Guide
Written By: galbatronix

Corrections/Additions: me4eva, Supercoolyo, Pirate Bob, G'ed, Psycho944

Skill Type: Free

Woodcutting Runescape Skill Guide:
  1. What is Woodcutting?
  2. Strategies
  3. What can I cut?
  4. Random Events
  5. Axes - Hatchets

1. What is Woodcutting?
Woodcutting is second on the big three moneymaking skills, beaten only by mining. Woodcutting can be very profitable, but it involves a lot of time and patience, especially when you're just starting out on a new tree. Woodcutting will generate large sums of money, ESPECIALLY if you have a good fletching and a good mage leve l- then you can carve your logs to bows and hi-alch them. That strategy right there is the key to many rich players' success - They make bows then hi-alch. Hi-alching self-sustains, meaning that each time, you'll make enough money to buy more nats, plus a ton of money for other things.
The time and patience come in to play once you can cut yew. Yew trees are nautorious for having lots of people cutting the same tree (specifically in Seers) and so the trees tend to burn out quickly, leaving everybody to run around from tree to tree, and occasionally, having to wait for a tree to grow back. Magics aren't so bad, though- they take long to cut, sure, but there usually aren't tonnes of people at them.

2. Stratergies Helpful Tips

There aren't many strategies that really stick out in the world of Woodcutting. One of the few might be to target worlds that are empty, and find remote locations for the trees you want to cut. You might be saying, "But if I find a faraway tree that nobody is at, doesn't that mean I'll need to walk really far to drop my logs of in a bank??" And the answer is: Yes. You may need to walk far, but don't let that deter you. You'll still be getting lots of logs faster than the other people, dispiete the long walk, because they're all scrambling from tree to tree whilst you sit and chop chop chop.

Early Bird Gets The Worm

The same holds true for Woodcutters. If you get up early, when not many people are online, you'll get to cut your heart out without other people killing your trees!

3. What can I cut?
This list will show you pictures of trees which can be cut, the level required for cutting the certain tree, wether it is members or not, and the experience gained for cutting 1 log.

Tree TypeLevel ReqExp Per LogMembers Only?Picture
Normal Tree125 expFree
Oak Tree1537.5 expFree
Willow Tree3067.5 expFree
Maple Tree45100 expMembers
Hollow Tree45??Members*Picture Needed*
Yew Tree60175 expFree
Magic Tree75250 expMembers

4. Random Events Ent
Ever wondered what happened to a tree when it starts shaking like mad and breaks your axe if you continue to cut it? Then, that tree is now an Ent. Like I just mentioned, if your tree starts shaking, STOP cutting it ASAP! Or, you're due to have your axe broken, and a long, *fun*, walk to Lumby.

Tree Spirit
The tree spirit will randomly appear while cutting logs.

Possible Drops: Nature Runes, Nature Talisman, Steel Axe, Mithril Axe, Adamant Axe, Rune Axe, Banana, Uncut Gems, Mixed Herbs.

Combat Levels:

Your combat level will change the tree spirits level.

Tree Spirits Level --- Your combat range that the tree spirits level will be.
Level 49 --- 3-30 combat.
Level 79 --- 31-50 combat.
Level 120 --- 51-96 combat.
Level 159 --- 97+ combat.

5. Axes - Hatchets

As of recently, a change has occurred in the Woodcutting skill. In order to cut with a certain hatchet, you need to have a certain Woodcutting Level (on the below table, look for the Woodcutting Level Req). In order to cut with an axe, you do not need to weild it. You can simply have it in your inventory, but of course it is better to weild the axe so that you have more room for logs in your inventory. The Attack levels required for each axe are listed below in the table.

Axe TypeAttack Level Req.Woodcutting Level Req.Picture

*Dragon Axe is a members-only item