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   Mining Runescape Skill Guide
Written By: Unknown

Skill Type: Free

Mining Runescape Skill Guide:
Mining is by far the most boring skill to train, but it is arguably the most profitable, especially at high levels.

To mine, all you need is a pickaxe. There are many types of pickaxes, but we will get to that later. Once you have a pickaxe, you can mine ore.

To mine a rock, click on it while wielding your pick or with your pick in your inventory. Once you mine the ore, the rock will turn a grey color, and once it turns back to the other color, you can mine it again. Higher ores take longer to respawn. For instance, it takes a longer time for mith to respawn than iron.

Types of Ores:

Ore Picture Required Level Experience Gained Where to Mine
Clay 1 5 Southwest of Varrock
Rune Essence 1 5 Varrock Rune Store
Copper 1 17.5 Southeast of Varrock
Tin 1 17.5 Southeast of Varrock
Blurite 10 17.5 Ice Dungeon (only place)
Iron 15 35 Dwarven Mines, near Falador and the Mining Guild
Silver 20 40 Crafting Guild. If you can't get in, Southwest of Varrock.
Coal 30 50 Members: Dwarven Coal Carts. The Mining Guild, or the Skeleton Mine in the Wilderness.
Gold 40 65 Crafting Guild. If you can't get in, Karamja Volcano.
Mithril 55 80 Hobgoblin Wilderness Mine or Lumbridge Swamp
Adamantite 70 95 Lumbridge Swamp (2) Level 32 Wilderness
Runite 85 120 Wilderness (2)


You must have a pickaxe in order to mine. You can buy pickaxes from Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine. Bronze pickaxes are sold in most general stores for 1 gp. The prices are as follows:

Pickaxe Mining Level Required Cost
Bronze 1 1
Iron 2 140
Steel 6 500
Mithril 21 1300
Adamantite 31 3200
Rune 41 32000

Gems are found in rocks. Sometimes you will get lucky and mine a gem. There are many types of gems, some of which are members-only. The higher your mining level is, the more likely you are to mine a gem. Members can mine gems in Shilo Village (after completing the Shilo Village Quest). Members can also wear an enchanted Dragonstone Amulet and have an increased c hance of mining a gem.

Dwarven Stout

The Dwarven Stout is a drink that temporarily increases your mining and smithing level by 1. To buy one, go to the bar in Falador and speak to the barmaid. They cost 3 gp each, and last about a minute. Members can also get them from the Dwarven Pass under White Wolf Mountain (after completing the Fishing Contest Quest).

Mining Guild
The Mining Guild is an underground mine, connected to the Dwarven Mine on the Falador end, that requires level 60 mining to get in. You can have 59 mining and use a dwarven stout to get in also. There are 36 coal and 6 mithril rocks in the Mining Guild.

Random Events
Some random events only occur when you are mining. Rock Golems sometimes appear and attack you. Their level depends on your level, and its best just to run away until he disappears.
Also, rocks will sometimes start smoking while you are mining them. If this occurs, stop mining that rock until it stops smoking, or it will explode, damage you, and break your pick. If your pick is broken, Nurmof will fix it for you for a price, depending on what type of pick it is.
Finally, sometimes your pickaxe head will fly off. Go pick it up, unequip your pickaxe handle, and use it with the pickaxe head to fix it.