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   Ranged Runescape Skill Guide
Written By: Ged

Skill Type: Free

Ranged Runescape Skill Guide:
Ranging is a very boring skill, at a low level that is. Once you hit about 25+ ranged, it gets very easy, and leveling gets as fast as leveling woodcutting. Just take a minute to read through my guide. I would also like to thank Only Hunter for some additions.

1. What is ranging?
Ranging, or archery, is a style of combat. All you need is a bow and arrow. Or else, as some rangers prefer, a crossbow and bolts. This guide will give you a little information on ranging.

2. What level is required to wear ranged armour?
Here is a table on what level is required to wear certain ranging armours.

Armour Type Picture Level Required to Wear
Coif 20 Ranged
Studded Chaps 20 ranged
Studded Body 20 defence
Green Dragonhide Body 40 defence/ranged, must have completed Dragon slayer.
Green Dragonhide Chaps 40 ranged
Green Dragonhide Vambraces 40 ranged
*Ranger Boots* 40 ranged
*Robin Hood Hat* 40 ranged
*Blue Dragonhide Body* 40 defence, 50 ranged, must have completed Dragon slayer.
*Blue Dragonhide Chaps* 50 ranged
*Blue Dragonhide Vambraces* 50 ranged
*Red Dragonhide Body* 40 defence, 60 ranged, must have completed Dragon slayer.
*Red Dragonhide Chaps* 60 ranged
*Red Dragonhide Vambraces* 60 ranged
*Black Dragonhide Body* 40 defence, 70 ranged, must have completed Dragon slayer.
*Black Dragonhide Chaps* 70 ranged
*Black Dragonhide Vambraces* 70 ranged

*Name* Means Members Item.
3. Types of Bows

There are many types of bows, each with different abilities. There are longbows, which can shoot farther but are less accurate and less powerful; and there are shortbows, which are short-range but are more accurate and more powerful than longbows. Bows are made out of any wood you can cut from a tree.
There are also crossbows. These are much more powerful than wooden bows, but are much more inaccurate and slow.

Name of Bow Picture Level Required to Weild Ranged Attack Bonus Best Arrows Allowed
Shortbow 1 +8 Iron Arrows
Longbow 1 +8 Iron Arrows
Oak Shortbow 5 +14 Steel Arrows
Oak Longbow 5 +14 Steel Arrows
*Willow Shortbow 20 +20 *Mithril Arrows
*Willow Longbow 20 +20 *Mithril Arrows
*Maple Shortbow 30 +29 *Adamant Arrows
*Maple Longbow 30 +29 *Adamant Arrows
*Yew Shortbow 40 +47 *Rune Arrows
*Yew Longbow 40 +47 *Rune Arrows
*Magic Shortbow 50 +69 *Rune Arrows
*Magic Longbow 50 +69 *Rune Arrows
Crossbow 1 +6 Any Bolts
Phoenix Crossbow 1 +6 Any Bolts

*Denotes Members-only item
4. What monsters should I train on?
Here is a list on what monsters to train on.

Levels 1-10 - The best spot is chickens, if you have lots of arrows to waste you can do ducks instead of chickens, since they can be busy at times. Pick up arrows.

Levels 11-20 - Cows should be good bronze arrows or above will work. Pick up arrows

Levels 21-30 - There are two choices now, for p2p I recommend Mountain dwarfs, or if your f2p or haven�t done fishing contest yet do barbarians. WARNING: As some may notice, barbarians now have a throwing axe that they throw, the damage is very low I observed, but be careful if you�re a low level.

Levels 31-40 - Continue with barbarians or dwarfs

Levels 41-50 - Giants are what I did very low def and don't hit too well, in edge dungeon

Levels 51-60 - for p2p ogres work, if you have lots of money buy around 50k bronze and power range, King Lathas grounds for not collecting your arrows, or moss giants for p2p, f2p should do ice giants, it�s your best bet, for picking up arrows.

Levels 61-70 - Blue Dragons or black demons will work, they hit high so bring some food and pray pots, f2p continue ice giants

Levels 71+ - Range anything almost with good results, Black dragons or higher aren�t recommended if f2p continue ice giants